Play Feature Guarantee Springbok Casino games strategically and unlock the big paying bonus features at will!

When browsing through the casino games listed under the slots category, you have undoubtedly come across the words ‘Feature Guarantee’.  They are usually splashed across a few of the games’ thumbnails.  It is clearly an indication of something special… but what does it mean, and how can players at Springbok Casino benefit from it? 

What is the Feature Guarantee in Springbok Casino Games? 

Feature Guarantee slots are unique to Real Time Gaming (RTG).  As Springbok Casino is powered by RTG software and all our casino games emanate from the RTG game development studio, you have exclusive access to an in-game attribute that can easily boost the payout rate.

As you are probably aware, the best casino games arranged under the slots category at Springbok Casino always have a few bonus features.  They are usually in the form of free spins, reel re-spins or second screen bonus games where you have to pick one or more symbols to reveal win multipliers or instant cash prizes.

Activating the bonus features usually requires lining up matching symbols known as scatters, on the gaming interface.  The problem is it can take an inordinate amount of time to hit the correct combinations on the reels.  In fact, there is even a chance of missing out on the bonus feature altogether.

Get a Bonus Feature… Guaranteed! 

In the Feature Guarantee slots however you are:

  1. guaranteed the feature will kick in after a specified number of spins and
  2. have the opportunity to trigger the feature whenever you want and before the required number of game rounds have been completed.

What that effectively means is when you play our extra special casino games, you will always get to that point in the game when you can win – and win big. 

Why are Bonus Features in Slots so Lucrative? 

Besides the fact that free games or free spins give you the opportunity to create payline wins on the house, there are usually additional bonus features integrated into the complimentary game time.  The likes of wild reels, stacked or sticky wilds and multipliers can blast the win rate into orbit – and that is essentially why you play casino games at Springbok Casino in the first place!

How Does the Feature Guarantee Work? 

Open a Feature Guarantee slot in your browser and you will notice a meter located at the top right of the reel set.  This meter basically counts down the number of rounds you have to play before the bonus feature can be triggered.  In Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee slot for instance the meter starts at 150 paid games and counts down to zero. 

The meter also records the probability of triggering the bonus feature before the required paid games have elapsed.  How does it do that?  When, for example, the meter indicates 120 paid games, the mathematical probability of triggering the bonus feature at that point is just 12.3%.  This statistic increases as the number of paid games decreases and the meter progressively changes from red to green.

Option to Play the Feature Guarantee Wheel 

If you don’t have the time or patience to wait for the required paid games to elapse and you are satisfied you have a reasonable chance of hitting the bonus feature, you can hit the ‘Play’ button next to the Instant Trigger Chance meter.  When you do that a Feature Guarantee wheel will appear onscreen and indicate the statistical chance of hitting the feature – both in terms of a percentage and in the amount of green that appears on the wheel.

At that point you have the option to return to the game or play.  When you play, the red and green wedges are shuffled and the indicator spins around the wheel.  If it comes to rest on a green wedge, the feature is triggered.  If it shows red, no feature is triggered and you are back to where you started on the meter - 150 paid games!

Which Springbok Casino Games are Feature Guarantee Games?

At Springbok Casino we offer half a dozen or so casino games with guaranteed access to the bonus features.  We have already mentioned Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee, so here are the other super slots with the one-of-a-kind gambling element:

  • Polar Explorer
  • Vulcan
  • Hairway to Heaven
  • Megasaur
  • Naughty or Nice Spring Break

How to Use the Feature Guarantee Option Strategically 

You now know you can activate a bonus feature before the meter shows zero.  You also know the mathematical probability of achieving that feat is indicated on the meter.  In order to benefit from the Feature Guarantee, you have to weigh up the probability against the risk. 

What is the risk in the context of Feature Guarantee?  When you don’t tigger the bonus feature on the Feature Guarantee wheel, you have to start at the beginning again.  That of course means the meter reverts back to the maximum number of paid games that you have to play before the bonus feature is triggerable.

What is the smart way of using the Feature Guarantee?  By waiting until the statistical probability on the meter is 50% or above.  That way you have the same chance of triggering the bonus feature as tossing heads or tails – and that is essentially an even money bet.  We all know that even money bets are one of the best bets at Springbok Casino!

Sign Up and Play Super RTG Slots 

We have given you the heads up on how to play Feature Guarantee casino games to your best advantage.  Now it is up to you to take the next step – and that of course is to sign up at Springbok Casino and put our slots strategy to the test.   Besides having the best chance of winning real money, you can use our free cash bonus to bankroll the fun!