Play RTG slots with guaranteed access to a bonus feature and enjoy bumper online gambling sessions at Springbok Casino!

The key to successful online gambling sessions is selectivity.  When you choose the slots with the best paytables and multiple bonuses, the odds are you will win more money, more frequently.  When you are able to activate a bonus round on-demand, it’s a whole new ball game… and you are the beneficiary!

Buy-Ins Aligned with the In-Game Purchases

These days in-game purchases are part of the video gaming experience.  They enable players to progress further in the game, augment their arsenal of weapons, optimise the game’s functionality and unlock maps and game levels.

When you play the likes of Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, you can bust a few rand and invest in exciting new characters with enhanced skill levels.  Or you can blow your wad on virtual appearance upgrades like fast cars, cool tattoos and lots and lots of lovely bling.

Unlocking Bonuses at a Price

Now we know Springbok Casino is not a video gaming platform but there are striking similarities when it comes to the part about unlocking game levels.  Rather than an in-game purchase, some casinos want you to commit to a bonus buy-in and that is when things can get a bit iffy!

With the advent of bonus buy-ins in slots, online gambling has taking a sharp step into video gaming territory.  Now, players don’t have to wait for the scatter or bonus icon to deliver the money magic.  They can plunder the wallet and purchase a ticket to the big time – and that means instant access to an in-game bonus feature!

Optional Bonus Buy-In Cons

The immediate advantage of gaining entry to a bonus round is tempered by two realities:

  1. It costs more in terms of rands and cents
  2. There is no guarantee you will win anything at all

What bonus buy-in slots do support is the notion of immediate gratification.  If you do not have the time or the patience to wait for a conventional bonus feature trigger, you can purchase the free game time.  OK, we have mentioned the cons of bonus buy-in slots, now to the pros.

Optional Bonus Buy-In Pros

In most online gambling games listed under the slots’ category, there is no way of knowing exactly when a free bonus round will be activated.  As the entire process is random and facilitated by a random number generator, one, ten or even 100 spins may elapse before the correct alignment of symbols triggers an in-game bonus.

That of course means the total betting outlay required to hit a feature has the potential to far outweigh the cost of the buy-in.  In that regard, it probably pays to wait for a few rounds before hitting the buy-in button.

On-Demand Bonus Activation is FREE at Springbok Casino

At Springbok Casino the whole debate about bonus buy-in slots is academic.  Why?  Rather than charging you to enable access to the bonus rounds, we give you the opportunity to unlock the feature for free and at any time during play.

What is more, we even count down the spins to bonus blast off on a dedicated Feature Guarantee meter.  If that is not generous in the extreme, you will find the current calculated probability of a successful bonus activation displayed at the top of the Springbok Casino gaming interface.  Now that is what we call pro-player online gambling innovation!

The Functionality of the Feature Guarantee in RTG Slots

Here is how the Feature Guarantee in select RTG online gambling slots works.  When you open a Feature Guarantee online slot, the first thing you will notice is a meter located at the top of the reel set.  The meter displays the number of spins required to hit the bonus feature – which can be anything from 120 to 150 or more.  At that stage, the probability of activating the feature is 0%.

As the game progresses, the meter automatically adjusts the number of required spins downwards and the probability of triggering the bonus increases.  Although you can attempt to unlock the feature at any time during play, it obviously pays to wait until the probability is 50% or higher.  That way you have the same online gambling odds as an even money bet or a coin toss.

A Bonus Wheel with a Difference

When the probability of a bonus hit is high, it is time to engage the ‘play’ tab located adjacent to the meter.  A wheel is then displayed featuring the mathematical probability of achieving instant access to the bonus round.  At that stage you can opt out but if you choose not to, a red or green indicator on the wheel determines the outcome.

At Springbok Casino we do not burden you with bonus buy-ins – but we do provide precise bonus timelines via our Feature Guarantee meter as a guide.  We also support premature access to the free online gambling action – but success or failure is based on good or bad fortune – not how much you are willing to pay!

Play the Best Feature Guarantee Slots at Springbok Casino

Feature Guarantee slots have the potential to boost the online gambling payout rate.  Not only is access to a bonus feature a dead certainty, the best RTG slots have more than one in-game bonus.

Here is our pick of the best Feature Guarantee slots that you can play at Springbok Casino.  Other than the usual stake, you don’t have to pay a cent extra to dive into the bonus action:

  1. The Elf Wars
  2. Vulcan
  3. Naught or Nice Spring Break
  4. Polar Explorer
  5. Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee
  6. Hairway to Heaven

If you are not a member of Springbok Casino, now is the time to register an account.  You really don’t want to miss out on high hit rate video slots that provide guaranteed access to a bonus feature… where no buy-in required!