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Some people question the reliability of casino games.  They might even say that results are manipulated to favour the casino.  Others claim that slots are programmed to pay out low value wins.  In rare instances, there may be some truth to the allegations… so how do we separate conjecture from fact?

Only a Coding Guru Can Manipulate Online Slots

The rigging of casino games is not as easy, nor as prevalent as certain naysayers would like to make it seem.  In fact, in the context of online gamble real money platforms, like Springbok Casino, it would take a highly experienced coder to fiddle a game.

In addition to that, it would also require the corrupt collaboration of a disparate selection of people – from the game developer to the software testing engineer.  With so many parties and organisations’ participation needed to pull it off, we’d say it’s fairly impossible to rig online slots!

Rigging Casino Games in the Real World is Much Easier

At the decidedly dodgy gambling dens in downtown Macau, the ability to skew the results is a little easier.  Cards can be subtly marked.  Roulette wheels can be designed with intentional uneven weighting.  Croupiers can be instructed to turn a trick or two.  Yet, none of this applies when you play remotely at Springbok Casino.

Back and suspect B&M venues, there are stories abound of specially manufactured decks that have a much higher ratio of low to high cards.  In the real world setting where there are no regulators or rules, the game is to swindle the players.

Just think how much money rogue operators can make with weighted dice and the shameless conmen who are paid to pull off scams.  Again, if you opt for online gamble real money operators like Springbok Casino, you can play without any of these concerns.

No Hardware & Consistent Monitoring of Operations

How then is the veracity of online gamble real money platforms even in doubt?  We do not have any actual gambling paraphernalia that we can tamper with.   Even if we could, we would be exposed almost immediately as our operations are consistently monitored by independent licensing authorities.

The only clue is in a question that arises time and again – ‘why did so-and-so slot only pay out low value payline wins?’  Let’s be clear about one thing.  Not all slot games are created equal.  If you want to know why, read on…

Demand for Online Gamble Real Money Diversity

As with all businesses, the attraction and retention of ‘customers’ is crucial to the success of Springbok Casino.  In order to thrive in the competitive e-gaming sector, we have to offer online gamble real money opportunities suitable for a diverse selection of bankrolls.

What we are trying to say is there must be online slots designed for high rollers, average joes, and the risk-averse bettors too.  That sentiment applies to all our other online casino games.  In the case of our table games, however, a generously wide table limit ranging from one up to 500 credits covers all player requirements!

Slots for the Tight Betting Budget

Now, it would not be fair if all online slot games paid out the same amount of money at the same frequency, regardless of the amount of money staked.  That would be a bit like getting to drive a Mercedes Benz as a rental car when you only paid for a Hyundai Getz.

As a result, there are slot games that are programmed to pay out lots and lots of low value wins.  These are the games tailor made for players with a tight betting budget.  The hit frequency is nice and high, the bankroll lasts a reasonable amount of time – but it might take you a while to accumulate any real profits.

It Is All to Do with Variance

This does not mean that the slots have been rigged.  In fact, we inform all our players of a game’s propensity to pay out predominantly low value wins.  Not in so many words, mind you.  We use a term called ‘variance’ instead – ‘low variance’ to be precise.

The Theoretical Variance is Allotted to All Springbok Casino Slots

If you want to know more about payout frequency, turn to the games’ variance – and we allot variance to every single one of the slots featured on our online gamble real money platform.  Some are low variance, others are medium variance – and others still are high, or even extremely high variance.

Find the Games to Suit Your Individual Playing Style


If you are the kind of gambler who has the time, money and patience to wait for a few elusive big wins, the high or extremely high variance slots are just right.  Similarly, if you prefer a few mediocre wins interspersed with a fair share of modest payouts, slots with a medium variance are the best fit.

By clicking on the red down arrow on any given slot’s thumbnail, you can quickly assess the variance of the game – and whether it is suitable for your style of play.

What Is the Lesson Here?

The lesson is simple.  A high hit rate of low value wins does not mean the game has been programmed to cheat you.  Rather, it is one of several slots recommended for players who have to be careful about how much money they spend gambling online.

When you better understand the concept, there is no muddling variance with manipulation.

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At Springbok Casino we are committed to providing a fair, transparent and regulated gambling experience to all our players.  That is why we have gone out of our way to adhere to industry standards.

  • The random generator software we use to generate gaming outcomes is independently tested and certified by TST Global, a subsidiary of Gaming Labs International.
  • Our entire online gamble real money platform, from the frontend to the backend, is powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG), one of the big five software suppliers in the remote gambling space.

When you sign up at Springbok Casino, you can rest assured your banking information is confidential, your funds are protected – and the casino games, from slots to video poker, are as fair as fair can be.