Play Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe slot at Springbok Casino ZA right now – it is the equivalent of an online gambling gold mine!

Mexico is the home of piñatas, tequila and all-night parranda where locals shimmy to the strains of the mariachi bands.  Transpose the party vibe onto our online gambling platform and it looks like Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe slot… a game ‘beeeg’ on bonus features!

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One of the standout attractions of Springbok Casino is our wide selection of games.  To fuel our reputation as one of the best online gambling sites, we launch new and exciting titles… month in and month out.

Why RTG Slots are Rated the Best

An expanded array of gambling opportunities is obviously a major drawcard – but games developed by Real Time Gaming?  That is not just cool… it is awesome!  Why the fuss?  Anybody who knows their stuff is aware the RTG gaming brand is instantly associated with:

  • creative designs
  • big paying features
  • optimal functionality

Of course, everyone would want a slice of that!

What You Can Expect from Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe Slot

In keeping with our regular release policy, we have recently added Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe slot to our RTG online gambling suite.  What can you expect from the Mexican themed party pack?

How about a progressive jackpot juiced by the entire RTG casino network?  Or themed game symbols that start paying for two matching icons on the reels?  Or winnings that tip the scales at 20,000 x the payline bet?

That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it… but it’s a tiny snippet of the good stuff awaiting you on our South African facing online gambling platform, branded Springbok Casino.  Now for the rest!

A Fixed Payline and Fixed Bet RTG Super-Slot

On first appearances Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe looks like any old slot.  There is a standard 5 x 3 reel set and 20 fixed paylines backed by a scene of a typical Mexican pueblo.  It is a conventional set-up in every sense of the word… or is it?

A Mandatory Bet

Look a little closer and you will notice the buttons allowing players to adjust the value of the wager up or down are missing.  Bets are set at R40 a spin.  That is an anomaly, but one that is easy to explain… and it has all to do with the progressive jackpot.

In days gone by, players who wanted a shot of the jackpot would have to bet max.  The problem is not everyone was aware of that fact.  Information of that kind was usually only in the game rules or posted beneath the paytable on a second screen.  As a result, players who thought they were eligible for the main prize, were not.

Everyone Entitled to the Progressive Jackpot

In Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe slot everybody who plays the game has equal access to everything – from the free games and pick me bonus to the constantly accumulating jackpot.  Wagers are equitable across the board and payline rewards are standardised.

All you have to do is concern yourself with is the value of your bankroll and whether it is adequate for play on a high volatility slot literally heaving with potential real money prizes.

How Much Can You Win Playing Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe Slot?

Apart from a progressive jackpot tipped to reach R5 million or more, the actual payline wins are pretty neat.  Themed symbols are particularly generous as they pay from two matching symbols and up.  Available winnings range from 100 x to 1,500 x the line bet for five of a kind.

Say What? The Wild Pays from One to Five!

The wild, represented by the Estrella – or 7-cone star – pays players when one up to five symbols appear onscreen.  Yep, you will land cash winnings for lining up a single wild on the reels… That really is money for mahala!

This distinct payout permutation is, in itself, unusual and pretty unheard of when it comes to wild symbol payouts.  That said, the payout for five wilds in a row is 20,000 x the line win.  Now that is a heap ZAR in your pocket!

Pick Me Bonus Plus Free Games and Multipliers

The sombrero scatter pays up to 1,000 x the total stake and unlocks the pick me bonus feature.  Your task is to pick two of three sombreros to win prizes of up to 200 x the activating wager.  You can also trigger a bonus round where up to 25 free games with 2 x multipliers are in play.

Special Symbol Delivers Life-Changing Win

Last, but by no means least, the little burro piñata – the colourful stylised donkey – is an extra special online gambling symbol and one that can literally transform your life.

The donkey pays 25 x, 250 x and 2,500 x the line bet for two, three and four symbols, respectively.  Accumulate five burro piñatas and the network funded progressive jackpot is all yours!

Best Online Gambling in the Practical Sense

That is the theoretical breakdown of what you can win when you play the all-new RTG slot on our cross-channel online gambling platform.  How about the practical side of things – like the actual frequency of wins, and how long it takes to trigger a feature?

In our experience, Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe slot is a veritable gold mine.  We not only hit plenty of wilds and payline wins – thanks to the one and two symbol payout rules – we landed five of a kind in castanets and triggered 10 free games… all in the first 50 spins.

A Profitable Online Gambling Session… for Sure!

Over the next 50 spins, we hit a scatter win of R120.  We won a total of R704 in the pick me bonus and the five-strong free games feature.

We also banked a big win of R518 and landed the scatter activated pick me bonus for a third time.  The bonus payout was a cool R530 plus the R120 scatter win.  At that point we ended the gaming session with over R2k in pure profit!

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With a fixed bet and plenty of features in play, Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe slot is clearly a different kind of online gambling proposition.  Payline wins are easy to achieve and the wild regularly shows up on the reels.

If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to pick a few prizes and unleash the free games feature… on more than one occasion!  The only way to enjoy the potential rewards of the all-new RTG slot is to sign up at Springbok Casino, fund your account and open Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe slot on your desktop or phone.  Good luck, everyone!