Win plenty via the masked luchadores and their mass-multiplier wrestling maneuvers at Springbok, the best online casino!

Did you know notorious luchadores have muscled their way into the best online casino?  These masked Mexicanos may be fearsome in appearance but they really can deliver the loot.  Springbok Casino features two Lucha Libre online slots, one more lucrative than the other!

What is Lucha Libre and How Does it Apply to Springbok Casino?

Lucha libre is a type of professional freestyle wrestling with roots in the early 1900s.  It is also a cultural icon of Mexico and the Central American equivalent of WWE.

In keeping with our reputation as the best online casino, Springbok Casino features real money games referencing every part of the world.  Together with our Mexican flavoured RTG slots themed on pinatas and colourful festival days, we have honoured a fighting style which is unique in so many respects.

Play Two Awesome Mexican Fighting Slots Online

Our Lucha Libre slots are essentially different sides of the same coin.  The original online casino game – Lucha Libre – features a match between Taco Malo and Guacamolio, two masked warriors who are as wild as wild can be.

As we always like to keep things nice and fresh at Springbok Casino – hence the best online casino rating – we have updated the original and packaged it as Lucha Libre 2 online slot.  In this clash of the luchadores, it is Taco Malo and Nacho Friend who go head-to-head… and deliver prize multiplying manoeuvres of up to 10 x!

High Risk, High Reward - An Indication of the Best Online Casino Games

The first slot in the two-part series is a 25 payline rumble. The second is a 30 bet way thriller.  Both are jam packed with feature mechanics capable of delivering hard cash in high variance sequences.

What that, of course, means is our Lucha Libre 5-reel slots are high risk, high reward online casino games.  You may not hit the big paying combinations all that often but when you do, the waiting is all the more worthwhile.

Betting Options for Everyone

Despite the fact our high-flying Mexican fighting slots are volatile, the betting range in the respective games makes them infinitely playable – as a cash conscious gambler or a high roller.  Coin values start as low as R0.01 and paylines are variable and can be adjusted up or down, on demand.

Exploit Affordable Maximum Bets

As a result of the wide betting range, you can wager as little as R0.25 in Lucha Libre slot or as much as R125 a spin to generate a maximum bet.  What is the significance of betting max?

All the available paylines are primed and active to capture matching symbol combinations on the reels.  That, my friends, is precisely why we play the best online casino slots in the first place!

Similarly, wagers of R0.30 to R150 keep you fully in the hunt in Lucha Libre 2 online slot.  Notwithstanding your choice of Mexicana, there really is no need to bust your wad at Springbok Casino.  That said, the higher the betting stake, the more you win!

What is the Most You Can Win in Lucha Libre and Lucha Libre 2 Online Slots?

Talking of winning, how much can you bank when you play the respective Lucha Libre slots at the best online casino?  Well, in terms of the standard symbols, you can scoop up 1,000 x the payline bet in the original slot and 500 x in the second edition.

Scattered Wins of Up to 250 x the Total Stake

In this particular scenario, the major money is stashed away in the purses associated with the scatter.  The great news is our wrestling themed slots have two scatters and two wilds.  Depending on which version of Lucha Libre you are playing, you can boost your betting bankroll by a massive 250 x the stake, thanks to the top paying scattered win!

The wilds are the respective masked luchadores which can appear grouped on reel 3.  When that happens, prizes are either multiplied or the wilds roam across to fill one or more reels.

It Is All About a Lucky Pick in the Time to Rumble Feature

A key feature, which propels our Mexican fighting games into the best online slots category, is the scatter-activated bonus game standard across both titles.  It consists of three possible wrestling moves which carry exponentially higher risk and, consequently, exponentially higher rewards.

The trick is to pick the wrestling move randomly activated by the software in order to get the highest possible ROI.  Here are the bonus picks and the gratuities associated with selecting successfully… or not:

Time to Rumble Feature:

Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre 2

Move 1 – Spanko special:

14 free games @ 2 x multiplier or

12 free games @ 1 x multiplier

Move 1 – El Loco Low Blow:

10 free games @ 3 x multiplier or

10 free games @ 2 x multiplier

Move 2 – Supremo Foot of Fury:

10 free games @ 2 x multiplier + 1 respin or

9 free games @ 1 x multiplier

Move 2 – El Slappa Da Pappa:

8 free games @ 3 x multiplier + 1 respin or

8 free games @ 2 x multiplier

Move 3 – Thunder Clap Bam Bam:

6 free games @ 1 x multiplier + 2 respins or

6 free games @ 1 x multiplier + 1 respin

Move 3 – Supremo Falcon Hail:

6 free games @ 3 x multiplier + 2 respins or

6 free games + 1 respin

Get Respins Prior to Free Games

The Mask of Fury or Fist of Fury Respins feature is played before the free games in the Lucha Libre and Lucha Libre 2 slots, respectively.  When masks or fists appear on reels 1 and 2 and there are three wrestlers on reel 3, the respective features are triggered.  Reel respins are awarded according to the Time to Rumble feature.

Quick Comparison of Lucha Libre and Lucha Libre 2 Online Slots

If you want to play the game that really does offer the very best online casino rewards, here is a quick comparison of the key features in our Lucha Libre slots:


Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre 2

Variable Paylines



Top Base Game Payout

1,000 x the payline bet

500 x the payline bet

Wild Multiplier Value

2 x

2 x, 3 x or 10 x randomly allocated

Scatter Wins

25 x and 200 x the total stake

25 x and 250 x the total stake

Bonus Feature

Up to 14 free games with 2 x multipliers

Up to 10 free games with 3 x multipliers

Login to Springbok Casino for Your Share of the Spoils

It is easy to see why our Mexican wrestling slots are so enormously popular.  If you want to grab your share of the loot concealed on the reels, register a real money account and login to Springbok Casino.  It really is the best online casino for players in South Africa and across the world!