Get your share of the randomly awarded Lobby Jackpot now at the #1 online slots real money South Africa gaming platform!

As the best online slots real money South Africa casino, we are always refining our gaming services.  That entails adding new and exciting features to an already dazzling lineup.  One of the latest additions to Springbok Casino is the Lobby Jackpot – and you could be a winner!

Win an Entire Prize Pool at the Online Slots Real Money South Africa Casino

What is the Lobby Jackpot?  It is an extra way to win.  Truth be told, it is unlike any other jackpot at our online slots real money South Africa gaming platform.  Here is why…

  • The Lobby Jackpot is not linked to a particular online slot.
  • The size of your betting stake is inconsequential when it comes to qualifying for the prize.
  • All you have to do is sign up, consent to playing for the jackpot and bet on slots – any slots – right here at our download, instant play or mobile jackpot casino.
  • You can opt-in and opt-out of contention whenever you want.

Want to know more?  Here is a snapshot of a real money prize pool that dares to be different!

Progressive Jackpots vs the Lobby Jackpot

In its standard configuration, a progressive jackpot is a dedicated in-game feature.  In other words, it is only available to patrons playing a specific online slot.  To release the funds accumulated in the pot, you have to hit a unique combination of matching symbols specified on the paytable.

Games like Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe, Shopping Spree II and Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe are examples of conventional progressive jackpot slots you'll find at our jackpot casino.  A general rule is you have to bet max to even stand a chance of winning the jackpot.  In some cases, the probability of landing the big win increases along with your betting stake.

That immediately gives players with a bigger bankroll or greater appetite for risk the edge.  Here is the good news folks.  The all-new prize pool at our highly rated online slots real money South Africa jackpot casino has a level playing field.

With the Lobby Jackpot, it is not the size of your wager that counts.  Nor is it the online slots real money South Africa title you choose to play.  Any active slots player at Springbok Casino is in with an equal chance of winning.

The only proviso is you that you agree to the casino deducting a nominal sum of R0.08 from your gaming account.  This minor deduction will apply to each reel spin.  For as long as you play real money games at our online slots real money South Africa casino, you are contributing an infinitesimal amount of cash to the pot.

As for the value of the Lobby Jackpot – it lies in the strength of numbers.  The more players there are opting-in to the feature, the higher the cash total becomes.  As it is a comparatively new addition to our plethora of promotions, the available prize is yet to reach its projected zenith.

How to Win the Lobby Jackpot at Springbok Online Casino

Claiming the Lobby Jackpot requires absolutely no input from your side.  Provided you have opted-in, you can go about your usual business at our star-rated online slots for real money South Africa casino.  That of course is playing our classic 3 reel slots and multiline video slots with real money stakes.

The reason being is that the Lobby Jackpot is randomly awarded to any player, at any time.  There are no complex configurations of specific symbols required to land on the reels.   Even bet size, and active, or inactive paylines are immaterial.

The only factor that does count is luck!  If your name happens to be drawn out of the virtual hat, you are an instant winner.  With the Lobby Jackpot, there is no way of enhancing your chances of winning.  It all boils down to happenstance.

What Can You Win Playing for the Lobby Jackpot?

The amount of money in the purse at any one time is variable.  It depends entirely upon how many patrons are juicing the pot.  You can easily track the current jackpot value in real-time from within the Springbok Casino lobby.

Winners are announced on a daily basis.  Usernames and the amount won are displayed under the Lobby Jackpot tab on the drop-down menu on the top right-hand corner of the page.  Thus far today, 11 players have won a total of R4,378.16.  The highest and lowest awarded jackpots thus far were R956.48 and R201.20, respectively.

Right now, the average wins equate to R398.01.  Remember, the Lobby Jackpot is growing… and growing rapidly!  We invite everyone to come and play – and contribute to – our very own in-house jackpot.  After all – the more players, the bigger the pot!

How to Opt-In to the Lobby Jackpot at the Top Online Slots Real Money South Africa Casino

There is only one qualifying criterion for the Lobby Jackpot.  You have to be a registered patron at our star-rated online slots real money South Africa casino.  If you are not a member, you can register an account right now via the ‘sign up’ button.

Then it is simply a matter of logging in and navigating to the Springbok Casino lobby.  Once there, click or tap the Hamburger menu button at the top right of the page.  The Lobby Jackpot is listed first.

When you click on the menu item, a dedicated Lobby Jackpot window opens.  It features the day’s winners, the current jackpot total and an opt-in button.

By clicking on the opt-in button, you immediately qualify for the prize.  You also agree to contribute to the jackpot at a rate of R0.08 per online slot spin.  If you no longer want to play for the pot, the opt-out button in the same window provides a quick and easy exit strategy.