Spinning and winning can be easy… when you know how. It is about the odds, volatility and features in RTG spin games!

When you play slots online, spinning and winning is not necessarily indivisible.  The quintessential casino spin game is, after all, a game of fortune.  Here is the good news, bru.  When you deploy the right tactics, you can better the overall win n' spin rate!

How to Maximise Time Spent at Springbok Online Casino

Playing the slots is a lekker way of spending the day – or even to wind down after a long one.  You do not have to engage the brain.  In fact, you do not even have to move your pinkie finger.  Other than hitting the bet max and auto spin buttons just the once, the rest of the action is software driven.

If everything is automated, how is it possible to enhance the chances of spinning and winning?  As every good gambler will tell you, there is no theoretically proven way of beating the edge.  The outcomes of spins on online slots are entirely random.

That means only one thing.  Nothing you, me or the tokoloshe does, or does not do, has any material impact on the outcome of the game… or has it?  Here is an interesting notion.  ‘Spinning’ and ‘winning’ do not have to be separate entities!

The key to gaming success lies entirely within your grasp.   When you get to grips with concepts like odds and volatility, you can be more circumspect about your choice of spin game.  When you do that, you really can maximise the return of time and money spent at Springbok Online Casino.

Here are 3 factors to consider when looking for the best online slots in terms of spinning and winning.

Why ‘Less is More’ with Online Slots

The structure of an online slot is integral to determining the payout probability.  In other words, the number of reels and symbols on each reel is used to calculate the odds.  As a rule, the games with fewer symbols and reels pay out more often.

The objective of a spin game is to create matching combinations on the reels.  When there are only 3 reels and a handful of symbols, it is easier to get a match, more frequently.  Some classic 3 reel slots pay from two matching symbols and up.  That is an added boon which is seriously kiff for players.

Video slots with 6 reels, expanding reel sets and bonus reels have an added x-factor.  They are typically rich in features and you’ll enjoy loads of entertainment while spinning and winning.  On that note, the payouts are generous too.  In short, video slots are considered the ‘yebo yes’ of the casino.

To compensate for high-paying prizes and extra special effects, the probability and hit frequency of these types of online slots take a knock.  In other words, the chances of spinning and winning are reduced.  You might be thinking ag no man.  It’s like that yebo just went to a hayibo!

That’s not the case at all.  All the neat extra stuff doesn’t mean you cannot win big when you play spin games with lots of symbols and larger reel sets.  It simply means the statistical probability of doing that, is low... or shall we say ‘lower’.

You have a better chance of accumulating a higher win n spin rate by playing 3 reel slots.  Video slots with 5 x 3 reel sets and a comparatively low number of symbols are also a better choice.

Play Low Volatility RTG Slots

Volatility quantifies an online slot’s payout rate over a prescribed number of spins.  High volatility slots have a modest long-term payout rate.  The reason being is high-paying combinations have a low probability of occurring on the reels.

There may be tantalising prizes on the pay tables.  That said, the statistical probability of hitting the proverbial jackpot is less than 0.09%.  What you can expect from high volatility slots is extended cold streaks.

Long periods without any payouts at all effectively take the notion of spinning and winning right out of the equation.  A much better strategy is to play low-volatility slots.  That way, you get to enjoy back-to-back wins.

The actual cash return may not be eye popping in value.  That said, you will have the satisfaction of accumulating a small profit.  Playing RTG slots online should not solely be about spinning and winning.  It should be about having fun and banking a few buckeroos here and there.

When you load the likes of Fruit Frenzy, Gem Strike, Frog Fortunes and Derby Dollars video slots into your browser, you are assured of protracted hot streaks.  That means cash going into your Springbok Online Casino account… rather than out!

Once you have gained a profit, it is a good time to change tactics.  By using what is essentially the casino’s own cash, you can afford to blow it on high volatility spin games.  Who knows?  You could be the one to bank the 50,000 x top prize in Nine Realms online slot or the R4.6m plus progressive in Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe!

Random or Frequently Occurring Bonus Features Are Key

The special effects in online slots can be game changers.  Oftentimes, the major money prizes reside in the bonus rounds.  Free games, in particular, can boost the win n spin rate sky high.

That is especially true when there are cascading wins, respins or prizes multipliers integrated into the comp game time.  Rather than playing slots with multiple features, look for the games with just one or two embedded surprises.  That makes the bonus mode easier to activate.

If you can find virtual slot machines with random features, so much the better.  Another option is to exploit the buy feature in RTG slots.  That enables instant access to the big paying features but you will be expected to raid the stokvel for the privilege.

The buy option can be a useful tactic.  That is especially true when you are ahead in the game.  It allows you to unlock a potentially viable cash generator without the associated risk of losing wads of your own money.

The easiest way to gauge the average hit frequency of the bonus features is to play in the demo mode.  At Springbok Casino, all our online casino games can be played for real money and for fun.  Let’s face it, there are aren’t many activities to do for free anymore – especially in the Mother City!

To make the most of our free and fun mode, simply scroll your mouse over the thumbnail and tap the ‘Try It’ tab.  Once you have an idea of the structure, mechanics and average win n spin rate of the game, you will be clear on one thing.

That, of course, is whether you have a good, bad or indifferent chance of spinning and winning at Springbok Casino on the slot you took for a test run!