Do you need a safe and secure vice? Step away from the shopping malls and play online slots at Springbok Casino instead!

Everyone has their own unique way of indulging in those little pleasures that give us some stress relief.  You get joggers who swear that running a ‘quick’ 10 km is the ultimate way to ‘clear your head’, while others prefer to spend time in nature far away from the hustle and bustle.  Did you know that many turn to online slots?

If you’re one of those who won’t make it through the first quarter of a 10 km run, you’re not alone.  Although physical exercise is known to release dopamine – that feel-good hormone – it isn’t everyone’s cup of Royco coffee.  Another popular form of R&R is retail therapy…  That is where Springbok Slots Casino can come to your rescue!

Our Slots Casino Offers Retail Therapy, In a Sense!

Is retail therapy your preferred stress-relief method?  Again, you’re not alone.  There are many who find shopping and spending thousands on clothes, shoes, handbags, etc., a comfort – even when it weighs heavy on the pocket.  Then there is the buyer’s regret that usually follows…  Especially after an impulsive and emotional splurge!

Yet, it is a compulsion that makes some people feel better, albeit temporarily.  Slots on the other hand are a safer option – and it is similar to retail therapy in many ways.  For instance, at Springbok Casino, we offer a massive selection of online slots by SpinLogic.

Just as how you would go about finding items to purchase, you can scroll through our slots menu to find the perfect fit.  It is not that different to strolling through Menlyn Park shopping centre or Sandton City – except our slots menu requires no exhaustive hours of walking… and walking!

You’ll easily find 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, slots with bonus rounds and even progressive jackpot online slots.  The best part is that we let you ‘try on’ any of the games at our slots casino, for free – but we’ll touch more on that later.  Now, do you see Nine West or Europa Art letting you take a nice long walk with a pair of brand-new shoes before you buy them?  That’s a hard no!

Springbok Casino Slots NEVER Go Out of Fashion!

If retail therapy is your go-to, another common flaw in that option is that fashion is forever changing.  What was hot last summer or spring is now outdated – which means you’ll be spending thousands upon thousands to satisfy the latest trends and looks.

Go into any clothing store right now and you’ll see that summer clothes are gone, and the shelves are stacked with winter attire.  Only, it’s nothing like it was the year before!  This is where the major difference between using online slots as retail therapy and spending ridiculous amounts on fashion wear comes in.

As with fashion, we do keep up with trends.  Our trends, however, include the latest in technological advances that can benefit our slots casino platform, as well as our games.  Whenever new and ground-breaking technology is launched – our entire interface, which includes our UI and UX, is updated.

That means that slots released five years ago will still be as ‘in fashion’ today as they were back then, as they will be backed by the latest that the world of casino software technology has to offer.  Then there are our new game releases…  Unlike retail outlets rotate items based on seasonal changes, we push out games like clockwork!


New Online Slots at Springbok Casino

We’ve mentioned that we release games like clockwork.  Let’s put it this way…  There is a passionate team of developers, designers and game afficionados at SpinLogic Gaming who thrive on creating games that will put a smile on your dial, and moola in your pocket!

Online slots happen to be the most creative gaming genre of them all.  There are no bounds to the themes, functions or bonus features.  It is every casino game developer’s dream that to come up with something completely ground-breaking is always possible.  This makes for exciting and engaging gameplay!

Although Springbok can be referred to as a slots casino with hundreds of titles under this one genre, we do offer games in every other category.  It is however the slots menu that constantly evolves because of the flexibility from a design standpoint.  There are literally no limits to what can be achieved in online slots!

We’re going to share a snapshot of three extremely popular SpinLogic online slots that have just touched ‘ground’ at Springbok Casino.  Remember, there are more – and this list isn’t static.  You can expect rotating titles as and when they are launched!

  1. Bonus Wheel Jungle: A 30-fixed payline slot with a jungle theme offering Mini, Minor, Maxi and Grand jackpots.  There is a special Nudge Feature, Mystery Symbols Feature and a Jungle Bonus Feature.
  2. Mighty Drums: This 243 Ways slot is based on an Asian Treasures theme, offering a jackpot Pick Feature and plenty of Free Games.  The game also has a low volatility, which means you can expect frequent wins.
  3. Cash Bandits Museum Heist: The name of the 25-fixed payline game is a big tell as to what the theme is about.  Robbers attempting a museum heist!  There is a Minor and Major jackpot.  In terms of features, expect Morphing Wilds and Free Games with Random Boosters.

How About Free Play on Our Online Slots?

There is another benefit of choosing Springbok Casino to play online slots if R & R is what you’re after…  Apart from having a delightful slots menu with colour and enchanting themes and audio to match, we give you the chance to play for absolutely free.

Why spend money when you can ‘Try It’, have endless fun – and place a few real money bets when you’re good and ready?  Now that sounds lekker!  Our ‘Try It’ option gives you R1000 in ‘fun money’.  The beauty of this is that there is no risk to you while you’re still ‘shopping’ for the best slot!

Once you’ve ‘walked’ through our virtual halls and inspected every title under our slots casino menu, we know you’ll find more than one slot that fits just right!  After a couple of free ‘Try It’ spins, you can sign up and head over to the cashier to claim a welcome bonus.

Find Healthy Outlets – Play Slots at Springbok Casino!

We’re not suggesting for a moment that you must leave your emotional and mental well-being squarely up to the R & R that our slots games offer.  Plus, as much as many people despise it, getting exercise and sticking to a healthy diet will keep your mind and body strong.

We’re there for when you need to indulge in a healthy vice for a bit of an escape… and let’s face it, everyone has a vice!  What we offer our patrons is a safe and secure environment to break away from everyday life challenges and to just relax with a bit of recreation that just so happens to offer real ZAR payout opportunities.

In other words, whereas you’d be spending big bucks on things that will only bring temporary relief – while likely maxing out your credit card with no monetary gain, Springbok online slots are a better choice.  If you stick with the basic ‘Responsible Gaming’ principles that you can find on the website, you’ll have nothing but fun – without the regret!