A close-up photograph of a slot machine at an online casino that features neon lighting and ‘7’ symbols.

You’ve likely heard someone speak about using a strategy for playing slots. Whether it’s putting a hand on the side of the machine to feel the temperature or believing that it simply ‘must’ pay out – this type of thinking is bad for your wallet and your blood pressure. Regrettably, the same myths have migrated to online slots strategies.

Like the Hawks, we’ve decided to crack down on these myths and give you the cold hard facts surrounding slots strategies. Not only will we provide you with some of the best tips, but you’ll quickly learn that Springbok Casino has a kwaai selection of online slots!

Myth: Slots Have a ‘Lucky Period’

Some “experts” have suggested that one of the best online slots strategies is to wait until a certain time to start playing – please don’t do this. There’s a superstition that slots (and other online casino games) are programmed to pay out during peak hours.

The truth is that your odds of winning are exactly the same whether it’s midnight or 8 AM. At Springbok Casino, you can win at any hour.

Myth: Games Can Be ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’

If you’ve spent any time at a land-based casino like Monte Casino, Grand West or the Wild Coast Sun, you’ve like heard someone talk about when a particular slot machine is hot or cold. This presents the idea that droughts or winning streaks are possible.

No. Just, NO! Any slot machine – be it online or land-based – could pay out 20 times in a row if luck permits. In the same way it could simply not pay out at all… Myth busted.

Myth: You Can’t Win a Lot of Cash with Online Slots

There’s a reason for online slots being incredibly popular. Their simplicity and cost-effective nature is perfect for newcomers to the virtual gaming scene. At the same time, online slots, especially jackpot slots, could easily pay out over R100,000!

Again, luck is a determining factor, so try not to get sucked into bogus online slots strategies. That said, it is true. Depending on the game, slots do have the ability to deliver mega wins in a single spin!

Myth: You Can Predict When an Online Slot Will Pay Out

We’ll say this louder for the crowd at the back – you can’t predict when an online slot will pay out! As we’ve already touched on with ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ games, it doesn’t exist, and there is no other way to predict when slots will pay out.

Even if you’re wearing your lucky Springbok matchday shirt, or have your lucky rabbit’s foot around your neck, the reality is that it’s simply a game of chance.

Myth: Online Slots Are Rigged

Springbok Casino operates under an external license granted by the Curacao Gaming Commission. If an online casino is found to be fraudulent or plain unfair, the license can be revoked. We understand that there are sketchy online casinos out there, but Springbok Casino is definitely not one of them.

Our games are furthermore tested and certified for their fairness. There’s no way that you, Springbok Casino, or even the swankiest hacker can hack a win on slots if fate doesn’t have it on the cards.

Wait, What About RNGs?

You’re probably asking yourself how we know all of this. It comes down to three important letters ‘RNG’. The RNG, or Random Number Generator, ensures that all games are random and fair. Among the many bad online slots strategies is to keep playing until the slot pays out. While it’s possible that the slot will pay out, there’s no telling when it will happen.

Not only is this an awful strategy that will ultimately exhaust both you and your bank account, it buys into the gambler’s fallacy. If you stood and flipped a coin and it landed on heads three times in a row, the probability of it landing on tails remains 50%. If you apply this principle when playing online, you’ll stop yourself from landing in hot water!

You Should Consider the RTP and Volatility of an Online Slot

It’s not impossible to win at online slots... Along with common myths, we also have a few online slots strategies that could help you. An important factor to consider when choosing an online slot machine game is the RTP (Return-to-Player) rate and the volatility of the slot.

As a new player this might sound like utter nonsense, but allow us to explain, we promise it makes sense. The RTP rate is the theoretical return that you can expect to get back with each bet. Always try and choose a game with the highest RTP.

The volatility level will determine how the slot pays out. A game with low volatility will produce small, but frequent wins. A high volatility game will produce larger, but less frequent wins. We suggest choosing a game with a high RTP rate and low volatility – or something in the middle.

Online Slots Strategies That Help

Before we tell you more, it’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as a perfect strategy. Our online slots strategies are simply designed to minimize the amount of money that’s lost. These include the following:

  • Responsible betting
  • Using bonuses
  • Using betting strategies

Chasing quick wins is an easy way to drain your bank account. Instead, approach each game with the purpose of having fun, with a dedicated amount set aside. This means that winning at Springbok Casino becomes a bonus and you won’t be worse off if you burn through your budget.

As a new or an existing player, you’ll have the option to enjoy bonuses. Many of these offers contain deposit match bonuses and free spins. This is the perfect start to your gaming journey as you’ll be playing for real cash with a huge safety net. In other words, use bonuses as the best online slots strategies!

Betting Strategies

Now, once you get comfortable with the concept of online gaming, you can start using betting strategies. This can be done by progressively increasing the size of each bet and then resetting if you win or lose. You can also stick to using a certain percentage of the bet and increase or decrease it when winning or losing.

The most popular type of betting system is the Martingale betting system. It can be modified for online slots, but it essentially means that you’ll double the size of each bet until 16 times the original amount. Once you win the final round, restart the process.

The great thing about online slots is that there are so many different types available, but they’re all played the same way. Ultimately, focus on enjoying yourself and not trying to win money to pay your rent.

#1 Online Slots Strategies – Try Your Luck at Springbok Casino

Before we let you go, keep in mind that online slots are purely based on luck. You could win on your first spin or your fiftieth – it depends on what the RNG kicks out. This doesn’t mean that online slots strategies won’t work. Instead, these strategies are focused on prolonging your game time while maximizing the amount of fun.

The only tried and test online slots strategies that we can confidently recommend is to sign up and play at Springbok Casino. We have hundreds of top-tier SpinLogic Gaming titles to choose from, and a whole host of promotions to give you a boost!