7 Top Tips for Slots Fun

We think of ourselves as the primary online casino for South Africa.  We see ourselves as far more than just an online casino.  As you know, we also feature South Africa in the travel section at the bottom of the home page.  We also run this series of articles in which we give you good gambling and gaming tips.

In this article, we’ll cover a few areas that will help you manage your bankroll responsibly.

1. Arithmetic Tells All

Simply figure how much you can safely wager in any gaming session.  Keep in mind that the fastest game at any casino—be it an online casino or a land based casino—is slots.  Even if you are playing a slot for the lowest betting amount per line, you may be surprised at how much you’re betting over the course of a 30 minute to one hour gaming session.

Online gaming has the great advantage of allowing you to resume your everyday activities when you close out a gaming session.  We have all heard about friends, colleagues, or family members who went to a land based casino and lost their entire bankroll in very short order.  Then they were stuck at the casino with no money to gamble/have fun with.

Always keep track of how much each spin costs in terms of wagers.  Of course, you’ll get back around 96% of the money you bet so you can continue to play on for some time.  We simply encourage all of our gamers to do the simple math so that your gaming sessions are as much fun as possible.

One way to slow down your slots play is to play each spin instead of using auto spin.  It’s true that this may shorten your gaming session at our expense.  We’re happy to give you this tip because we want happy, entertained gamers above all else.

2. There is No Such Thing as a Hot or Cold Slot

Many gamers are tempted to raise their bet when they have had a losing streak because they say that the slots “is due” for a big win.  Here is where science and technology meet.  The Random Number Generator makes every decision once you have pressed the spin button.  The RNG does not know what the result of any previous spin was.  It is far more random than the weather.  Suffice it to say that when you accept the absolute control of the RNG, you’ll be able to say that, rather than a slot being due to win big, the slots is as due to win as to lose.

3. Control Your Emotions

This is like a corollary to the previous section.  Whilst many people are perfectly calm as they raise their bets in an attempt to eke a big win from a slot that has been running cold, some do so because they have gotten frustrated. 

This is another aspect of the advantage you have gaming at home instead of at a land based casino.  At home, you certainly have a lot of things to do other than play slots.  So, when you get frustrated, stop playing.  There are plenty of other things you can do instead of slots and we invite you to play other online games if you are getting frustrated by the slot you’ve been playing.

Remember, at Springbok Online casino, our primary desire is that every gamer end a session satisfied that win or lose he or she has been entertained.

4. Never Bet with a System

We say this over and over because it’s so important: systems don’t work.  There are strategy plays you can make in blackjack and video poker that bring your chances even or almost even with the house.  There is no such strategy that you can play at slots that will do the same thing.

5. Online Games versus Land Based Games

Online casinos have a much smaller overhead than land based casinos do even though online casinos offer many more games than land based casinos do.  Because of this, the payouts at an online casino such as Springbok Casino are higher than at land based casinos.

At land based casinos there is usually a lower return to player rate for lower denomination bets and a somewhat higher return to player rate for higher denomination games.  This entices gamers to bet at higher denomination games.  At online casinos the return to player rate is the same for whichever denomination you bet.

6. Play the Proper Volatility for Your Bankroll

Low volatility means many small wins whilst high volatility means much fewer wins but higher winning amounts.  It all depends on the size of your bankroll.  If you are like most players, it’s probably a good idea to play low volatility games.  In that way, you’ll stretch your bankroll, you’ll be able to play for a longer period of time, and you’ll end your gaming sessions in a good mood.

7. Play Slots for Fun not for Comp Points

We are proud of our comp points programme.  Nevertheless, we want every player to end his or her gaming session happy.  Some gamers stay on because they know that the comp points ratio is highest in slots.  It is a well-known fact here at Springbok that players who try to get more and more comp points when they should be going on to another important activity usually end up more frustrated and less satisfied by their gaming experience.

So, play for fun and not to rack up ever more comp points.

Always keep in mind that it is a lot more fun to play just to have a good time than to play in pursuit of THE big win.