Slot Can Keep Our Minds Young and Supple

Online gamers simply love slots.  At Springbok Online Casino we know that very well.  That’s why we provide so many super slots for your online casino gaming pleasure.  We constantly hear about the different themes in slots: why are there so many themes; why are some themes used again and again; and is there a slots theme that is better to play from the standpoint of winning  a lot of cash?

Play a Lot of Slots

If you love slots, you probably have a favourite theme of your own.  We really feel strongly that you ought to try out slots games in many other themes.  It’s possible, first of all, that you’ll find a theme that you like as much as your favourite theme.  It could also happen that you’ll find a single slots game in a theme that otherwise doesn’t interest you that you like a lot.

Play for Free

We also know that most slots players like online gambling for real money.  Still, if you’re just checking out a slots game to see if you want to play it long term, you can play it in our free play platform.  The free play platform gives you a good idea of the entertainment value of any slot at no cost.

Finding a Niche

We have gamers who are great outdoorsmen.  They would never think about checking out a romantic themed slot.  We hear again and again from these men that they tried out a game with a theme that is not close to the real lives they lead and they loved the slot!

Vicarious Enjoyment

One of the most powerful feelings slots players have is the desire to live vicariously.  This requires a lot of imagination.  There are actually many ways to “get into” a theme and live there vicariously.


Even in today’s digital age, many people love to read.  Some can only read non-fiction but many others love to read fiction.  There are many genres in fiction that let readers get into a totally different experience.  The fantastic success of the Harry Potter series shows exactly this: that people of all ages want to enter a different reality - just for the fun and excitement of it.

Some popular book genres are science fiction, fantasy, mystery, futuristic life, American Westerns, historical fiction, and so on.  Each gives readers the chance to get into a by-gone era or an era yet to come, at all levels: psychological, emotional, and intellectual.


This medium is so powerful that we can no longer imagine living without it. Movies include actual full-length movies and television dramas that tell a complex story over the course of a season or in many cases over the course of many seasons.

Game of Thrones is the perfect example of this phenomenon.  We live in Westeros in our minds and hope that the past as it is told in the series is the past that we would like to have happen.


Now we get to how a simple game such as slots can help us get into a very different mode of thinking and living.  It explains a lot about why there are some themes that repeat themselves within the same online casinos and across the entire spectrum of game development.

Every game developer knows well which themes are the most popular among their customers and strives to create new slots using those themes.

Some of the most popular themes are Inca and Mayan culture, ancient Greece or Rome, the old American West, exploration, ancient Egypt, and high adventure.  It is easy to see what holds all of these themes together: they reflect cultures that were both war-like societies and highly developed and complex societies as well.

While these themes are a lot more popular among men, there are many women who love them too.  Without becoming too old fashioned about it, a lot of women like slots that feature strong men.

On the other hand, women also play many romantic themed slots.  We could say that women are the romantic slots players and that men are the strong silent slots players.  In the real world, there is a lot of overlap in slots play; many men play romantic slots and many women play slots with a rougher, more masculine theme.

Another major aspect of good mental health is the ability to laugh.  Slots provide many funny moments.  Some slots can be categorized as purely for laughs.  In many slots, the characters talk to you.  There might be the kind of music that you can hum along with.  All of these are great for keeping you happy, smiling, and healthy.

Mental Exercise

We now know that mental exercise is as important for the long term health of our brains as purely physical exercise is important for our physical well-being.  The most effective games are the ones that force players to think.  There are many such games. They are generally called games of strategy and include chess, checkers, Go, Sudoku, and others - even our online casino blackjack requires strategy.

Imagination is also one of the most important ways we exercise our brains and keep them young.  Slots in different genres make our imaginations run wild.  While there is no strategy to calculate in slots play, the more strategic games have little in the way of letting your imagination run wild.  In fact, in blackjack and video poker, the less you let your imagination go the better off you are.

Slots Tip

So the big tip in this article is that slots are the perfect game for allowing you to give your imagination free reign and to let it go wherever it chooses to go.  There are so many slots available at online casinos that you can visit ancient Egypt, Greece, or Rome one night and the limits of outer space the next night.

Instant play platforms are so good that they allow players to play at many different online casinos.  This gives you the chance to play the slots from many different slots developers.  Online casinos also allow unlimited free play.  So, you can play simply for the boost to the power of your imagination, you can play for a few pennies per spin just to get into the gambling aspect of online slots, or you can go for the big progressive jackpots.

However you choose to play, slots are a great game for the mind and imagination.