How Do Slots Help Us Develop Healthy Personalities?

You would probably be surprised to find out that slots players fall into a specific psychological category.  In this situation, it doesn’t matter if you like to play slots at an online casino or at a land based casino.  It also doesn’t matter if you enjoy online gambling for real money or if you usually just paly to play—for free.

Studying Psychology

We all know that there are many different personality types.  Some people are more outgoing than others.  Some like to read books and others look for more real life action.  Some people like to study personality types.  It is these people who lead us to the understanding that slots players fit into a specific personality type.

McCrae and Costa

Robert McCrae and Paul Costa are two personality researchers.  They famously came up with five important personality traits.  Let’s see if the average slots player fits into their five traits.

McCrae and Costa wrote about extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness to experience, and neuroticism.


Do you remember that square chart you filled in to determine your personality?  If you landed in the top left quadrant you were an extrovert and if you landed in the bottom right quadrant you were an introvert and most people landed in between.  We were called ambiverts.  Filling out this chart was a great party game for a while.

Keep in mind that the five personality traits listed by McCrae and Costa have many nuances.  Most of us will fall in between any two extremes.  Nevertheless, the study does point out a few helpful insights about slots players.

There are no more dedicated slots players in the world than the Australians and there is also no more extroverted a nation of people than the Australians.  For many decades, people have wondered about the love affair Aussies continue to have with slots—which they call pokies.

Slots are the perfect game for extroverts.  There is no book long set of rules to learn, interpret, change to suit your own way of playing, and generally to get in the way of the fun.  Slots, in contrast, are simple: you spin and win or you lose.

The many themes in slots allow us to live many different lives vicariously all in the same gaming session before we get back to work on the project we have a deadline to complete.

In other words, the deadline on the project takes us inward and the slots we play as a short diversion reorient ourselves outward.


There are many things in life to argue about.  Slots give us a clear cut decision each time.  In fact, the Random Number Generator allows us to become the most agreeable we can possibly become.  We have no hand in the outcome of any spin sop we have the full chance to simply sit back and enjoy the proceedings.

There is nothing more agreeable than being able to go through an experience without any difficulty accepting the outcome. 

Responsible Gaming

This goes hand-in-hand with our ability to accept outcome agreeably.  If we bet too much we will be disappointed by any results other than winning.  For this reason, we at Springbok Casino, urge all our players to stay within easily affordable gambling limits or to play in our free play mode.  Agreeable play should be the goal in all cases.


Responsible gambling and conscientiousness are two sides of the same coin.  In addition, conscientiousness includes spending just enough time gambling to recharge our internal battery to tackle the really important tasks we have before us.  We spoke about projects earlier.  Conscientiousness also may involve family matters, painting the gate, cooking for the weekend’s guests, or a hundred other tasks.

Gaming is not a task and conscientiousness helps us see gaming as a diversion.  We also need to emphasize the entertainment side of slots rather the winning side.

In other words, when we play slots with the correct outlook, it makes it easier for us to perform all the tasks we really have to do.

Openness to Experience

This one is perfect for slots players.  We can go from a purely romantic story line to one that involves the mythical gods of ancient Greece or Rome.  We might spend some time with the Incas or the Mayas or we can spend time at the beach on holiday.

We can do all of these things over the course of a short gaming session.  In addition, every top game developer brings out a new slots game every month.  Slots players look forward to playing the new games at their coming out, so to speak.

This does not mean that blackjack and poker players are closed to new experiences.  It means that slots players can be proud of their love of a new story with new characters every month. 


Don’t let anyone tell you that slots players are neurotic.  Slots gaming is a cure for neuroticism, not a cause of it.  Neuroticism probably comes from unanswered feelings of anxiety.  When we play slots with the best possible attitude, we drive away all forms of neuroticism and replace them with the calm pleasure of spinning the wheels and living the story line from afar.

From afar might mean in terms of linear distance: so many thousands of kilometers away.  It can also mean distance over time: so many thousands of years removed from the actual people embodied in the story.


Slots played well are a perfect antidote for many ills in our daily lives from anxiety to workplace insecurity.  By playing slots we reset our minds and our energies to tackling our real-life duties.  We also can get the same benefit from playing slots for free but if we do decide to place bets on the spins, we can place minimum bets and get maximum psychological benefits from them.