Adopt the best play strategy, bet max with the lowest coin value, cash-in playing multihand video poker casino games here!

Video poker is the perfect game for poker connoisseurs looking to spice things up.  It has all the elements of mainstream poker, but instead of pitting your skills against other players, you go head to head against the machine.

It is one of the best casino games in terms of payout rate, and when you take the time to memorise an optimal strategy, the odds of winning real money are firmly in your favour.

Play Up to 52 Hands Simultaneously at Springbok Casino 

When you glance through the casino games menu at Springbok Online Casino, you will notice that there are single and multihand versions of all the exciting variants.

That means you can choose to play the likes of Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild or Aces and Eights in the conventional way… or you can ramp up the action by loading the 3 hand, 10 hand or even 52 hand games!

What is the Difference Between Single hand and Multihand Video Poker?   

Surprisingly, not all that much. The paytables are exactly the same whether you play one hand or 52 hands.  As for the betting options… well, you can choose from the same basic coin denominations that range from around R0,01 to R5,00 - depending on your choice of variant.

The actual mechanics of all the casino games in the genre are matched across the board.  You are dealt an opening hand of five cards, known as the primary or decision hand.

At that point you have the option to hold one or more of the cards before hitting the deal button to activate the replacement cards.  In multihand video poker, the cards you hold to the draw are automatically replicated across all the hands.

On the draw, each hand is dealt replacement cards independently and at random to deliver 3, 10 or 52 unique five-card combinations that either pay out according to the paytable… or don’t.

Implement the Standard Optimal Casino Games Strategy 

A key factor to remember when you play multihand video poker is that the best play strategy relating to the variant you are playing does not change.  In other words, you can apply the perfect Jacks or Better strategy to your game play whether you play one hand, 3 hands, 10 hands or 52 hands simultaneously.

Similarly, the cards you hold to the draw in all the other variants are the ones identified in the optimal strategy.  That means there is no need to adopt different tactics when you play multihand video poker right here at Springbok.

If you don’t change the way you play and the paytable and betting options are matched across all the various types of video poker casino games, how can you optimise your win rate playing multihand games?

Adopt More Frugal Betting Tactics 

The one element that is markedly different in all multihand casino games is variance, or volatility.  In video poker, the more hands you play, the higher the variance.

In simple terms, that means greater real money wins offset by larger losses.  The reason for this is that you are betting independently on every single hand.

That not only costs you a lot more in terms of wagers when you fail to hit multiple paying hands, it boosts the potential winnings when you do hit several conventional poker hand rankings that pay.

How much you are prepared to wager per hand depends on your appetite for risk.  There is, however, no easier way to bust an entire bankroll than to bet on multiple hands in the mid to high coin denominations.

Remember the probability of hitting big paying hands like a royal flush or four of a kind is low… even with up to 52 hands in play.  If you wager using the highest possible stake you will always be operating at a loss even when you do hit loads of low paying hands, such as two pair, three of kind, flush and so on.

Top Multihand Video Poker Casino Games Tips 

At the end of the day, the casino games tips for multihand video poker are almost identical to those for single-hand games:

  • Always bet max as it is the only conceivable way to be in the hunt for the 4,000 x jackpot pay for a royal flush
  • Choose the lowest coin denomination as your betting option and build your bankroll slowly but surely
  • Adopt the optimal strategy relating to the particular variant you have loaded onto your PC or mobile phone. You can find tips, tactics and best play strategies for all our video poker variants right here. 
  • Make sure you have checked out the paytable and read the game rules pertaining to the variant you intend to play.  Some video poker games only start paying for two pair or above… and that of course will affect your decision-making relating to the draw.

Exploit the Low Edge - Play Multihand Video Poker at Springbok Casino NOW

When you know how to play video poker the way it should be played, you can exploit the traditionally low edge of the genre and win more hands than you lose.  In statistical terms that means benefitting from an average return to player of around 98 to 99 percent and above!

Now that’s really something to get excited about… so sign up at Springbok Online Casino and see what the cards have in store for you.  There are plenty of bonuses available on the promotions page that unlock the best RTG casino games partially funded by the house!