Find the low edge casino games here – monetize your video poker gambling sessions right now at Springbok Online Casino ZA!

If you are bit of a gambling whizz, you will know the low edge casino games are what you should be playing.  What is pleasing for South Africans who enjoy the quick turnover of draw poker is the fact that the video poker variants, available right here at Springbok Online Casino, are like solid gold.  What do we mean by that?  Well, if you know how to pick your casino games and you have the respective optimal gaming strategies down pat, you can bank on a good few payouts in hard cash.  

In investment terms, video poker is probably more tech unicorn than bullion bar.  The real money returns are instantaneous so you don’t have to consider concepts like rising commodity prices and long-term gains when you load low edge online casino games onto your desktop or phone.

As a gaming category, video poker is clearly right up there with the best.  The secret is to find the games that are ever so slightly statistically skewed in your favour.  We are not only talking about the house edge and historical payout rate here.  We are talking about the games that pay well and provide players with additional opportunities to win ZAR – and that is exactly why we all play casino games in the first place.

How to Monetize Your Online Casino UX 

At Springbok Online Casino we are ardent proponents of fair play.  We want you to have the best possible gambling sessions every time you open our download, mobile or instant play casino in your browser.  To do that you obviously have to win more money than you lose.  When you read our how-to game guides, follow our gambling tips and do your bit by learning how to play casino games like a pro, there is a better than average chance your bankroll will grow and grow.  

On that note, we have hunted down the top three video poker variants that offer the perfect balance between big wins and low edge.  We want you to monetize your gambling experience… and spread the word far and wide.

Top 3 Best Picks in the Video Poker Genre  

What are the low edge video poker variants at Springbok Online Casino?  Here is a good starting list of the top three best picks, together with the statistical advantage to the house – a term that is better known as ‘the edge’:

  1. Aces and Eights - 0.22%  
  2. Double Jackpot Poker - 0.37%
  3. All American - 0.40%

What is remarkable is that all of the low edge casino games featured on the list offer full paytables, jackpot prizes and bonus payouts.  Factor in the Double or Nothing side bet and there really is massive payout potential in the best video poker variants you can play right now at Springbok Online Casino!  Here is a more in-depth look at each game and the key variable that essentially make them one of the best gambling propositions online:

1.  Aces and Eights - The #1 Video Poker at Springbok Online Casino

Why is Aces and Eights so sizzling hot?  Well, apart from having the lowest statistical advantage to the house, it offers big wins for four of a kind – 400 x the bet for four aces, 250 x for four sevens and 100 x for the rest of the quads.  Unlike many of the so-called bonus casino games that compensate for extra payouts by slashing the easily achievable poker hands, Aces and Eights pays from a pair of jacks or better to a royal flush!

Aces and Eights Quick Stats 

  • House edge: 0.22%
  • RTP: 99.78%
  • Top win: 4,000 x for the royal flush
  • Bonus pays: three
  • Pays from: a pair of jacks or better

2.  Double Jackpot Poker - Get Double the Fun with Big Bonus Wins

Double Jackpot Poker is one of those casino games that is almost too good to be true.  All the crucial data points are player-centric.  From the theoretical payout statistics and multiple jackpot wins to the full paytable, this video poker variant is designed to print currency and pass it on to you.  It is the kind of online casino game that ticks of all the right boxes, so if you want an adrenalin fuelled gambling experience that is more risqué than high risk, Double Jackpot Poker is the game for you! 

What can you win over and above the usual pays?  How does 700 x the stake sound for fours aces with a king, queen or jack?  Or 350 x for four aces or four kings, queens or jacks with an ace, king, queen or jack, respectively?  Even quads in two to ten pay out a pretty penny at 100 x the wager! 

Double Jackpot Poker Quick Stats 

  • House edge: 0.37%
  • RTP: 99.63%
  • Top win: 4,000 x for the royal flush
  • Bonus pays: five
  • Pays from: a pair of jacks or better

3.  All American - Jackpot Prizes Direct from the Wild West

All American video poker may not have the ‘oh wow’ attitude of Aces or Eights or the multiple bonus pays of Double Jackpot Poker but it pays plenty of loot for a straight flush.  That means aside from the major money win for the royal flush, you can bank a cool 1,000 x the stake for the straight flush – that is four times more than what the same combination of cards deliver in Jacks or Better! 

When it comes to pizazz, All American is not in the same league as our other two low edge casino games but if you get your decision-making perfect, there is lots and lots of money on the paytable… and it could be yours!

All American Quick Stats 

  • House edge: 0.40%
  • RTP: 99.60%
  • Top win: 4,000 x for the royal flush
  • Bonus pays: one
  • Pays from: a pair of jacks or better

We have highlighted three of the most lucrative casino games that you can play online.  Now it is up to you to register an account at Springbok Casino and redeem the first of an infinite selection of casino bonus coupons.  Once your account is suitably funded in rands and cents, you can put your video poker playing skills to the test – it really is as easy as that!