Should you play single- or multi-hand Jacks or Better at the mobile casino South Africa? Check out key differences first!

Multi-hand Jacks or Better happens to be trending right now at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa.  What is driving this trend can be any number of things.  It could be something to do with the adrenalin rush that comes with playing three, ten or even 52 poker hands at the same time.  Or it could be a tactic - like casting the net wider in the hopes of snapping up lots of juicy payouts.  The question is are the players onto something… or not?

Jacks or Better: The Purest Form of Draw Poker  

If you have a proper understanding of video poker, you will know that Jacks or Better is the pure form of the game.  It is draw poker as it was intended long before all the whistles and bell were added in the form of wild cards, bonus payouts and extra ways to win. 

Jacks or Better is effectively the precursor of all the video pokers you can play right now at the top ranked mobile casino South Africa.  It is also a casino game renowned for its low edge - and a low edge means there is more money to be made for the players who load Jacks or Better onto their tablet or phone.

Single- And Multi-Hand Games 

The video pokers on our mobile platform appear in exactly the same configurations at the online casino.  Players can consequently enjoy single- and multi-hand games across all devices, from Windows and Mac desktops to iOS and Android handsets.  

However, before you appease the FOMO that always seems to build up when there is a trend involved and tap to open three, ten or 52 hands of Jacks or Better… stop right there.  Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, there are differences between the two modes?  Differences that can have a material impact on your bankroll, however small and seemingly inconsequential?

Key Game Components That Differ  

Well first off, what are the key components in any online casino game?  The average return to player (RTP), the advantage to the house - otherwise known as the edge - and the available betting stakes are obviously right up there in terms of importance.  

So too are the bonus features which, in the case of video poker, is the optional Double or Nothing gamble.  When we explore each of these components in turn, you may be surprised at the results.  You will however have a much clearer idea of the advantages and disadvantages of playing multi-hand Jacks or Better at our mobile casino South Africa.

Single-Hand vs Multi-Hand Jacks or Better - The Edge and RTP 

We all know low edge casino games have a high theoretical return to player.  In reality, that means a larger portion of all the bets made on a particular online casino game is disbursed to gamblers in the form of the winnings.  

When you are looking for the games with the best potential payout rate here at Springbok, the video category - as a whole - is a great place to start.  Jacks or Better is an even more promising proposition as, at 0.46% and 99.54%, it has one of the lowest edges and highest RTPs respectively, in the genre. 

Having said that, those are the statistics for the single-hand game.  The data for the multi-hand variants are 2.71% and 97.29% apiece.  That, in itself, is a bit of a red flag but it is important to bear in mind that we are talking about historical averages here. 

There is absolutely no certainty that you will hit more, or less, paying poker hands when you play single-hand over multi-hand Jacks or Better at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa.  The optimal game strategy - that you really should adopt to hypothetically lower the house edge - is the same in both configurations of the game.  In other words, the mathematically correct way of playing Jacks or Better applies to all versions of the high hit rate online casino game.

Betting Stakes Compared 

Now to the betting stakes.  When you play Jacks or Better in the standard mode, the available coin values range from R0.05 to R5.00.  Switch across to any of the multi-hand games and the denominations drop to R0.01 up to R1.00.  You then have the option to bet one up to five coins on every round.  

What that of course means is you have the opportunity to win more money on a maximum bet, or any bet for that matter, when you play the conventional Jacks or Better.  The payouts on the respective pay tables are, after all, largely matched and quoted as a multiple of your stake.  The higher the stake, the higher the potential real money returns… so if you want to bank more money for a winning poker hand, play the single-hand game instead.

Double or Nothing Gamble Feature 

How about the Double or Nothing gamble feature?  Is it available across all the Jacks and Better variations at the mobile casino South Africa?  Before we get into the ‘where,’ here is a brief overview of how the bonus feature actually works.  In the low stakes’ formats of standard single-hand Jacks or Better video poker you have the option to double all your payouts.  

Your task is to choose one of four concealed cards.  If it has a higher value than the up card, your winnings are automatically doubled.  If not, you lose what you had been paid for that particular poker hand.  Depending on your style of play and appetite for risk, the Double or Nothing feature may be a welcome addition to game play… and one that can boost your profits.

As to whether the bonus feature is universally available across the single and multi-hand games, the answer is no.  When you load three, ten or 52 hand games onto your device, you effectively miss out on the chance of doubling all winnings.  Whether the Double or Nothing gamble is a wise decision is essentially up to you. 

I have implemented a strategy where I only take the gamble on the low paying hands like a pair, two pair and three of a kind.  I have also consistently selected the second card from the right.  It is a tactic that has worked well so far.  In fact, I have managed to double the payouts more often than not every time I have played single-hand Jacks or Better at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa!

Sign Up at the #1 Mobile Casino South Africa and See for Yourself 

Right, a quick recap.  In terms of all the key components that make up an online casino game - the house edge, RTP, betting stakes and the bonus feature - the single-hand version of Jacks or Better wins hands down. 

However, if you are the kind of player who thrives on plenty of action and doesn’t mind taking more of a risk, the three, ten and 52 hand versions of the game match your gambling profile.  The only way you will know for sure whether the single- or multi-hand games are for you, is to sign up at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa and give them a go.