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The double feature in video poker can be advantageous.  The key is to know exactly when to take the gamble and that essentially applies to all bets on all online casino games.  Although we all know boosting the payouts at the online casino is thrilling, there are a few facts and figures you should be aware of before you hit the ‘yes’ button.

What is the Double Feature in Video Poker? 

The double feature is an additional gamble that is available in all single-hand video poker variants at Springbok Casino.  It automatically appears onscreen after each winning hand.  Unlike other online casino games that require side bets to activate bonus play, you do not have to pay extra to participate in the feature.  If you do decide to take the gamble, you can double the winnings from the previous game round or lose that particular payout.

How Does the Double Feature Work?

The double feature consists of five randomly dealt playing cards.  One is dealt face up and represents the house card.  The remaining four cards are dealt face down.  Your objective is to select a card that has a higher value than that of the house card.  If you achieve your goal, your winnings are automatically doubled.  If the value of your selected card is lower than that of the house card, however, you lose the gamble and the payout for the previous hand.  

There is of course a third possibility.  If your card matches the value of the house card, the gamble is a tie.  Here is where it gets interesting.  At some casinos a tie is considered a loss for the player.  That seemingly innocuous change to the rules can have an alarming effect on the theoretical payout rate… but more about that later.  At Springbok Online Casino a tie is a push.  As a result, you have a second opportunity to select a card from a fresh random five-card deal.

What is more, the double feature embedded in our online casino games is a continuous one.  In other words, you have the option to double the winnings again and again, provided you keep choosing a higher value card.  That is not always the case.  Many online casinos allow you to double just once or only on the initial winning hand in a particular gambling session.

Is the Double Gamble a Wise Bet?  

When you consider the double feature has a 100% return, it is one of the best bets at the online casino.  In fact, it is the only bet that does not have an in-built advantage to the house.  As the double gamble is essentially a two-card showdown - your selected card against the house card - it is a 50/50 bet in its purest form… but only when a tie is a push. 

When the tie is ruled a loss for the player, the edge balloons from 0% to almost 6% - and that is the kind of gamble you avoid at all costs on all online casino games, video poker included!

Now to the second factor and that is the volatility or variance attributed to the double or nothing feature.  We now know that it is a bet that can quickly ramp up your winnings.  It is also a bet that can result in ‘bink of the eye’ losses. 

What that indicates is the double feature is highly volatile.  What is required to play high variance online casino games?  Apart from plenty of nerve, you will need a healthy bankroll to take the wins with the losses.  It is worth repeating that the double feature is a 50/50 bet.  That means you can bank on doubling your winnings only 50% of the time. 

Is the double feature a good bet?  From a purely theoretical point of view, the answer is yes.  From a practical point of view, it depends upon the gambling funds you have at your disposal and whether you have a personal penchant for risk.

What is the Best Double or Nothing Strategy? 

When it comes to taking the double gamble, the first point to bear in mind is it is the kind of bet that is best used strategically.  Although there is no definite consensus around a double or nothing strategy, there are times when it pays to take the risk.  You may have the appetite to gamble the winnings on the low paying hands like three of kind, two pair and jacks or better.  Or you may feel more comfortable with the idea of doubling up on the higher paying hands situated mid-table - full house, flush and straight.

A third strategy is to only gamble your winnings when you are ahead in the game or on a bit of a winning streak.  That way you can afford to lose half of your payouts.  It is the kind of betting strategy that you can adopt for all the online casino games at Springbok Casino.  You’ll find your stress levels are a lot lower and there are more than adequate funds to keep you going at the online casino for hours at a time.

Whatever double or nothing strategy you do decide to implement should be based on three things:

  1. playing style
  2. budget
  3. risk

These are the core components of gambling on all online casino games.  When you find the right balance, there is always a chance you will double your video poker winnings more than half of the time.  

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