Play the multihand casino games arranged under the video poker tab and give yourself the best chance to win bags of cash!

Multihand video poker is one of the most exciting casino games available at Springbok Casino.  When you are dealt a great opening hand, the odds are you will create several winning hands.  What does that mean?  Well, essentially - lots of money flowing into your online casino account.  The problem is that with the highs, there are always the lows - and that is what we are going to explore in a little more depth!

What is Multihand Video Poker?  

In the multihand form of the game you basically bet on and play several poker hands at the same time.  Your objective is to form as many paying poker combinations as you can, using the same cards you have held to the draw.  In essence you are replicating the game play of a single hand and extrapolating it across multiple hands.  At Springbok Casino all your favourite casino games listed under the video poker tab are available in the one, three, ten and 52 hand modes. 

High Risk and High Reward  

The first thing to qualify is when you play multiple hands, the total betting stake increases.  By how much is essentially up to you.  In reality it means multiplying five coins, in whatever denomination you choose to play, by three, ten or 52. 

Why five coins?  It is the maximum bet in video poker.  If you have played any of the 14 casino games in the video poker category you will be well aware the 4,000 x jackpot prize for a royal flush is only available on a five-coin maximum bet.   

Any bet lower than that is considered a disservice to gambling in general and more specifically to your bankroll, should you be fortunate enough to hit a royal flush! 

Although you will have to open your wallet a lot wider when you play multihand video poker at Springbok Online Casino, the potential to win sumptuous amounts of money offsets the risk.  That of course means it is vital to have a larger bankroll at your disposal… and that brings us to our next point.

Variance Increases with the Number of Hands In-Play 

You have probably heard the term ‘variance’ bandied about in the context of casino games.  Statistically, it is related to volatility or the swings of fortune you can expect to experience when you play any game at our top ranked online casino.  High variance casino games are more volatile. 

In other words, the upswings and downswings are more pronounced.  When it comes to the multihand factor, the more hands you choose to play, the higher the variance and the longer the cold and hot streaks are likely to be.

Variance is Already Higher in the Bonus-Infused Casino Games 

Variance is not necessarily a bad thing as it can work for and against you.  What you do have to factor in when choosing which multihand game to play, is the variance inherent to that particular variation of video poker.  What we do know is the variance is already much higher in the online games that pay out more for the high paying hands. 

If you want to avoid the video poker games that have the potential to erase your bankroll in the blink of the eye, do not be tempted by the mega money wins.  By that we mean the jackpot prizes and bonus pays that are the showpieces in the likes of Double Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker Deluxe and Double Double Jackpot Poker!

What About the House Edge and Payout Rate? 

Right, now to the theoretical facts and figures of the house edge and the average return to player (RTP).  Are the multihand stats any different to the conventional single hand percentages?  There is no quick answer.  In some cases, the advantage to the house is greater in the multi play casino games.  In others, the edge and RTP are cast in stone.  What we can say for sure is the house edge is never lower in the multi play formats of the game.

Take All American video poker as an example.  The edge in the single versus the multihand format is 0.40% and 1.51% respectively.  That obviously means the RTP is 99.60% compared to 98.49%.  The same breakdown for Jacks or Better reveals an edge of 0.46% and 2.71% and a payout rate of 99.54% and 97.29%.  When it comes to casino games like Joker Poker and Loose Deuces the stats are static. 

What is the Best Multihand Video Poker to Play at the Online Casino? 

Using the average payout rate as the key indicator, the top 10 multihand video poker games you should be playing at Springbok Casino are:

  1. Sevens Wild - 99.16%
  2. Loose Deuces - 99.07%
  3. Bonus Deuces Wild - 99.06%
  4. Double Jackpot Poker - 98.99%
  5. Double Double Bonus Poker - 98.98%
  6. Double Double Jackpot Poker - 98.95%
  7. Deuces Wild - 98.91%
  8. Aces and Eights - 98.63%
  9. Double Bonus Poker - 98.57%
  10. Joker Poker - 98.51%

It is worth repeating that all these video poker variations are high variance games.  You are going to need quite a sizeable bankroll to withstand the protracted cold - and hot - streaks that are destined to come your way.  The good news is when you do hit a winning streak playing multiple hands of the big paying video pokers, there is every chance you will hit a cash bonanza! 

With that in mind, why not sign up at Springbok Online Casino and pit variance against payout rate?  Who knows?  You may be the lucky punter who manages to beat the edge… on multiple occasions and in just one play!