Drop the stake, play multi-hand video poker at the #1 online casino South Africa – get the best chance of bagging big wins.

With a low edge and jaw dropping jackpot prize, Jacks or Better video poker is one of the better prospects at the online casino South Africa.  What is more, at Springbok Casino you can play several hands at the same time.  That means more money in the bank… or does it?

What is Multi-Hand Jacks or Better Video Poker? 

If you have played draw poker, you will be familiar with the finer points of Jacks or Better.  It is essentially poker that has been modified – first for the machine at land-based casinos and then later for the online and mobile gaming platforms. 

Your objective is to create a paying five card poker hand and you have one chance to swop out one or more cards in the hopes of getting a better cash combo.

Straight-Up Draw Poker for the Online Casino South Africa 

In Jacks or Better only the conventional poker hands count.  There are no wild cards in play or extra ways to win on the pay table.  It is straight up draw poker that rewards players for a high pair through to a royal flush.  When you hit the top pay on a maximum bet, you are knee deep in cash!

Why is Jacks or Better considered a potential money spinner at the top ranked online casino South Africa?  Besides the low edge, high payout rate and quick turnover of games, there is the option to play up to 52 hands in one go.  Say what?

Yes indeed.  At Springbok Casino you will find all our video poker variants come in a single hand format and 3-hand, 10-hand and 52-hand modes!  What that means is you really can maximise your time playing the best-ever casino games right here at the best-ever online casino South Africa!

How Does Multi-Hand Jacks or Better Work? 

The multi-hand game is simply the single hand game duplicated across three, ten or 52 hands.  As you are playing several individual hands at the same time, you have to place the matching number of bets.  Although you can’t limit the quantity of bets in-play, you can adjust the number and denomination of coins you want to wager across the board.

Held Cards Replicated Across All the Hands

Once you have anted up, you are dealt five cards in what is known as the decision hand.  The cards you choose to hold in that hand are replicated in all the other hands.  Thereafter the rest of the cards are dealt to each hand using a new deck of cards. 

Winning combinations are paid out according to the poker rankings and odds displayed on the pay table – and that is the conclusion of one round of multi-hand Jacks or Better at Springbok Online Casino South Africa.

What are the Advantages of Playing Multi-Hand Jacks or Better?  

The key advantage of playing multi-hand Jacks or Better is the potential to simultaneously create several winning poker hands.  When you are dealt a great decision hand, the odds of doing exactly that are amplified – and who wouldn’t want to get paid out not once or twice but up to 52 times for every round you play?

Having said that, it is important to point out that the variance increases in the multi-hand mode – and that means heavy fluctuations in fortune.  As much as you are likely to win big when you play several hands of Jacks or Better at Springbok Casino, you are also likely to lose and lose a lot.  With up to 52 bets in-play the losses can quickly decimate your betting bankroll!

Variance is Up but RTP and Edge Remain the Same 

The variance may soar in the multi-hand mode but the average payout rate remains precisely the same – whether there is one hand or 52-hands on the gaming interface.  That of course is great news.  Why?  Well, Jacks or Better – along with the rest of the video poker variants – has one of the highest long-term real money returns at the online casino South Africa.

In statistical terms Jacks or Better has an average return to player (RTP) that ranges from 99.54% to around 95% depending on what type of pay table the game uses.  That kind of payout rate is at the top end of the scale at the online casino.  Similarly, the edge or advantage to the house is negligible – and that is what every player wants to hear!

No Double or Nothing Feature 

One of the added bonuses of playing Jacks or Better at Springbok Casino is the option to double your winnings.  Your objective is to choose a card with a lower value than that of the up card.  When you are successful, the payout is doubled and you can continue to gamble until such time as you hit the ‘No’ tab or pick the wrong card.  When the up card is better than the card you have picked, you lose the payout.

When you level up to the multi-hand mode, there is no Double or Nothing feature to sweeten the deal – and that can be a bit of a drag, especially when you have had some success with the gamble option in the past.

Is multi-hand Jacks or Better video poker a blessing or a curse?  Well, that really depends on two key factors – your bankroll management skills and your appetite for risk.  A good strategy to adopt is to lower your usual stakes when you play multiple hands. 

That way you can give yourself the best possible chance of intensifying the payout probability at the online casino South Africa but without going bust!