Play the top three online casino games in the bonus video poker category for a clear shot at the major money prizes!

Are you the kind of player who pursues big wins at the online casino?  In other words, the remote gaming equivalent of a big whale at a brick-and-mortar casino?  If you are, we can direct you to a few big paying video poker games featured right here at Springbok Casino.

What is a Bonus Hunter?

In the conventional sense, bonus hunters spend their time tracking down the best online casino bonuses.  In more recent times, a sub-genre has appeared.  This group of tireless predators hunt for the online casino games with the best bonus features and payouts.

Casual hunters may set their sights on the in-game bonuses in online casino slots.  Professional hunters are more advanced in their approach.  They look for their trophies on the paytables instead – and online video poker is a preferred target.

Why video poker, you may ask?  Well, in terms of statistics, the popular online gaming category has some of the best payback rates at the online casino.  What that essentially means is you are likely to get a clear shot at the big game – we’re referring to the lavish prizes associated with the extra ways to win.

There is even more heartening news for bonus hunters.  When it comes to the availability of perks, Springbok Casino is particularly well stocked.  In fact, there are plenty of additional payouts in the bonus video poker variants featured on the Springbok Casino games’ menu.

How We Rate the Best Video Poker Variants

When rating the best video poker variants for bonus hunters, we focus on two data points:

  1. The average return to player (RTP) – a stat also known as payback percentage or payout rate.
  2. The yummy odds on the extended paytables.

When you evaluate the two together and identify the top performers, you have the qualifiers for the best video poker category at Springbok Casino.

As with most things in life, there is a basic benchmark that determines viability.  In the online bonus video poker category, this benchmark is an average return to player of 99% and above.  Any online casino game with an edge of 1% or less is, well, fair game.  In fact, it is much more than that.  In terms of bonus hunters looking for prey, it is a ‘sitting duck’.

That said, there are video poker games which outperform the bonus variants in terms of RTP.  They do, however, seldom have irresistible sweeteners on the paytable.  These real money games also rarely offer the kind of excess big wins our bonus hunters are after.

Top Three Bonus Video Poker Games

Now to the real substance of our article.  By that we mean the online casino games likely to appease players with real money bloodlust.  What are our picks for the best bonus video poker variants at Springbok Casino?

Although there are obviously many more games deserving of a spot on the leader board, here is a good place for bonus hunters to start:

1. Double Bonus Poker

Why has Double Bonus Poker snatched the top spot on our ‘best video pokers’ leader board?  It has a long-term payout rate of 99.37%.  It is also one of only a handful of bonus pokers which pays for jacks or better and up.

When it comes to the paytable, there are 11 ways to win – two of which are ‘value-added extras.  The top prize is the traditional 4,000 x jackpot for a royal flush on a maximum five-coin wager.  Thereafter it is the four of a kind poker hands that release the major money prizes.

Here is a snapshot of what you can win playing Double Bonus Poker at Springbok Casino on a maximum bet.  The respective odds are in brackets:

4,000: Royal flush (80 to 1)

225: Four x 5 to K (45 to 1)

15: Three of a kind (3 to 1)

250: Straight flush (50 to 1)

50: Full house (10 to 1)

5: Two pair (1 to 1)

800: Four aces (160 to 1)

35: Flush (7 to 1)

5: Jacks or better (1 to 1)

400: Four x 2, 3 or 4 (80 to 1)

25: Straight (5 to 1)

2. Bonus Poker

In terms of structure, Bonus Poker has almost exactly the same paytable as Double Bonus Poker.  The only difference is the value of the payouts.  You may get double the money for two pairs – but it is all downhill from there.  Bonus Poker is the leaner version of the ‘Double’ variant.

Similarly, the average payback percentage is 99.07%.  That is 0.30% lower than the online casino game in top spot in the best video poker leader board.  Below are the five-coin payouts and odds associated with Bonus Poker:

4,000: Royal flush (80 to 1)

125: Four deuces with an ace (25 to1)

15: Three of a kind (3 to 1)

200: Straight flush (40 to 1)

40: Full house (8 to 1)

10: Two pair (2 to 1)

375: Four aces (75 to 1)

25: Flush (5 to 1)

5: Jacks or better (1 to 1)

200: Four x 2, 3 or 4 (40 to 1)

20: Straight (4 to 1)

3. Loose Deuces

As the name suggest, Loose Deuces is a wild poker variant.  In this online casino game, deuces, or twos, are the jokers in the pack.  The upshot of the wild is a higher hit frequency – and that is backed by an average RTP of 99.07%.

When it comes to the payouts, it is the wild card combos that pay out a pretty penny.  The only downside is Loose Deuces only starts paying for three of a kind hand values, and higher.  The exclusion of a high pair and two pair can have a material impact on the overall win rate.  After all, these are the hands with the highest theoretical probability of occurring.

That said, here is what the bonus hunters are arguably more concerned about – the wild generated winnings.  We have listed all the payouts and odds to enable a quick and easy cash comparison:

4,000: Royal flush (80 to 1)

20: Four of a kind (4 to 1)

2,500: Four deuces (500 to 1)

15: Full house (3 to 1)

125: Wild royal flush with deuces (25 to 1)

10: Flush (2 to 1)

75: Five of a kind (15 to 1)

10: Straight (2 to 1)

25: Straight flush (5 to 1)

5: Three of a kind (1 to 1)

Are you ready to train your gaming crosshairs on the bonus varieties of video poker?  Then hop aboard!  Put your bonus hunting days behind you as you'll find everything you need in abundance at Springbok Casino.  We offer a lot more than video poker… our online casino bonuses are pretty impressive and plentiful too!  All it takes is a quick registration to become part of the clang, so sign up and login today!