Facts about online video poker to enrich the Springbok Casino login. Play the best games the best way you can!

How do you make your Springbok Casino login really count?  You play the best online casino games in terms of payback.  When you do that, you have a much better chance of winning.  Here is a tip.  As a genre, video poker is right up there with the best!

A Lucrative Low Edge Online Casino Game

If you are well up in your gaming knowledge, you will be aware video poker can be one of the most lucrative games at Springbok Casino.  It, together with blackjack, has the slimmest of house edges.  What that of course means is the lion’s share of all the wager are paid back to players… like you!

Before you hit the Springbok Casino login tab and load video poker onto your device, here is a heads-up.  There are a few home truths you should know about the popular online gaming category.  That way, you can avoid making mistakes – errors that can cost you a ton of money over the long run.

Here are 4 facts to keep in mind when you play video poker online at Springbok Casino:

1. Video Poker Paytables Can and Do Differ

Even though it is no secret that video poker offers great odds, you should know that not all the games in the genre are equal.  Fortunately, the clue is in the paytable.  Ideally, you want to find the games which offer the best odds for a flush and full house.  A prime example of the ‘best game’ is what is known as 9/6 Jacks or Better.

In this version, you are paid at odds of 9:1 for a full house and 6:1 for a flush.  The only problem is you will rarely, if ever, find 9/6 games online.  They are typically offered at land-based casino – and usually only as part of a limited time promotion.

Hunting down the best options obviously takes time and effort.  That said, it is the first step to beating the house – and exploiting your Springbok Casino login to the fullest!

2. Multi-hand Video Poker Isn’t Always the Best Bet

Logic dictates you have a greater chance of winning more cash when you play several hands of video poker at the same time.  In this instance, logic can be flawed, and here’s why...

The truth is, betting on more than one hand in video poker does not increase the odds or lower the house edge.  It simply costs you more in wagers.  It also increases the risk.  What you have to bear in mind is the initial hand – where you hold the card or cards you think have the best chance of forming a paying poker hand – is replicated across all the other hands, be it 3, 10 or 52.

When you are dealt a poor starting hand, the chances are you will lose all the other hands in-play.  As each hand is covered by its own bet of up to 5 coins, there is a good chance you will bust your bankroll in double-quick time.

The moral of the story here is; do not be seduced by the prospect of hitting multiple payouts.  Stick to playing single-hand video poker instead.  That, my friends, is the savvy way of monetising the Springbok Casino login!

3. Volatility Varies from One Video Poker Variant to Another

Besides the house edge, payback percentage and the key payouts on the paytable, the volatility of the game should always be taken into account.  What is volatility?  It is essentially a reference to how often you are going to get a chunk of change back from the virtual video poker machine!

In other words, volatility is an indication of how the game pays.  Some video poker variations, like Jacks or Better, pay out loads of low value prizes that are only occasionally interspersed with big wins.  These are low volatility games.  In other words, the games with the lowest risk to players.

Conversely, there are video pokers such as Bonus Poker and Double Bonus Poker that pay out fewer low value prizes in-between more frequent ‘jackpot’ wins.  These are the high volatility games, which obviously require a much larger bankroll and heightened appetite for risk.

Notwithstanding which type of video poker game you prefer, playing according to a proper strategy is a no-brainer.  If you fail to adopt the strategy unique to that particular video poker variant, it may be a while before you hit the Springbok Casino login button and see a blossoming bankroll on your screen!

4. Card Counting and Probability-Based Prediction is Ineffective Online

When you play video poker at Springbok Casino, you can’t rely on counting the cards as a strategy.  Similarly, predicting the next card or cards based on probability is effectively redundant.  The explanation is simple – video poker at online casinos is different to that at land-based casinos.  The rules are largely the same, however, the number of decks of cards in-play and the way the cards are shuffled, are not.

The RTG video poker games at Springbok Casino, for instance, use six decks of cards which are automatically shuffled after each game round.  In our virtual world, the deal is completely random and determined by random generator software.

As a result, no-one can predict which card or cards will be dealt next based on probability.  Consequently, counting the cards is completely ineffective as a strategy when playing blackjack online as it is video poker.  As we have already mentioned, the only way to capitalise on your Springbok Casino login is play the variant of your choice in the theoretically perfect way.  That requires learning the corresponding strategy off pat.

Use the Springbok Casino Login as Your Key to Gaming Online

Now that you know the inside secrets of online video poker, we urge you to sign up at Springbok Casino.  Once we have sent you a confirmation email welcoming you to our multi-channel gaming platform, the Springbok Casino login is your access point to the action.  Why wait?  Register an account and login to Springbok Casino right now!