Get interesting facts about video poker and learn how to make a profit at the best online casino South Africa!

When you think of an online casino South Africa, what games come to mind?  Online slots?  Sure thing.  European Roulette?  You betcha!  How about blackjack and hold’em?  Yes siree.  Well, here is a tip.  Video poker may be an afterthought – but it has more pizazz than the rest!

Why Video Poker Online is on the Up and Up

What may surprise players at Springbok Casino is the all-out popularity of video poker.  This youthful addition to online and land-based gaming emporiums is on the rise.  Following video poker’s belated introduction to the gambling scene in the swinging seventies, this niche gaming sector is expected to pull close on $40 billion by 2027.

Why all the fuss about what is ostensibly a simplified variation of 5 card draw poker?  For one thing, it is precisely that which has made video poker a sure-fire hit.  What we are referring to is the keyword ‘simplified’ – and by that we do not mean dumbed down, but instead, we mean streamlined.

When you play video poker at the best online casino South Africa, your playing style is off the table.  You do not have to impress other players with your swift decision making, lack of tells… or a trademark poker face.  You are, after all, playing one-on-one against the random generator software.

That very same software is, by the way, developed by Real Time Gaming (RTG).  What that immediately tells you is the video poker outcomes are unpredictable and indubitably fair.  That brings us to the next point.  When you learn how to play video poker like an unmitigated star, you can improve the payout rate!

A Springbok Casino Game with Potential Profits in Play

When you really are on top of your game at Springbok online casino South Africa, you can strip the edge right out of the equation.  What that of course means is you can win more than R10 for every R10 you wager on video poker over the long term.  That is almost unheard of in real money gameplay.

The trick is to find the video poker variation that offers the best average returns.  Truth be told, that means all 14 versions of video poker that you can play at the number one online casino South Africa.  Think of it this way.  Other than our online blackjack games, video poker is a dead cert winner in terms of average ROI.

Here is a snapshot of the expected long-term return of the top 6 high hit rate video pokers available right here at Springbok Casino:

  1. Aces and Eights 99.78%
  2. Double Jackpot 99.63%
  3. All American 99.60%
  4. Bonus Deuces Wild 99.45%
  5. Double Bonus 99.37%
  6. Double Double Jackpot 99.36%

How to Increase the Payback Percentages in Video Poker

We alluded to the fact that you can increase the already heady payback percentages.  Thankfully, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to achieve above par historical paybacks.  Anyone at our star rated online casino South Africa can beat the edge!

All it takes is the deployment of strategy.  In online video poker, strategy is isolated to just one aspect of the game – the cards you hold to the draw.  When you know which cards to hold to a poker hand with the highest probability of occurring, you are on your way to bigger and better things.

Where it can become a little more complicated is the strategy-to-variant link.  In other words, you have to master a strategy dedicated to each particular online video poker variant.  The perfect gameplay for Jacks or Better, for example, is markedly different to that of Deuces Wild or All American or Aces and Eights.

Why Level Up to Deuces or Sevens Wild

The best way of getting to grips with strategy is to start playing just one variant.  We can safely recommend Jacks or Better video poker as a starting point.  It is easy to learn and there are no wild cards or bonus payouts to take into consideration.

Once you are familiar with the Jacks or Better strategy and need more of a challenge at our online casino South Africa, you can level up a notch.  Deuces Wild and Sevens Wild are good bets.  The fact that there are four wild cards in-play increases the hit frequency of high paying poker hands.

Here is a bit of good news.  RTG developed online video poker uses six standard decks of cards.  What that of course means is the wild card count jumps to 24.  The actual probability of hitting the wild cards stays the same.  You have a 4 in 52 – or 1 in 13 – chance of getting a ‘joker’ in the deal and/or the draw.

It is All About Strategic Decision-Making

What makes video poker such a special challenge, is it takes active gameplay on your part to win.  It is one of the few online casino games that requires savvy decision-making.  It is the gaming equivalent of martial arts like Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Wushu, where quick decision-making around technical movements is key.

As we have already mentioned, the first decision has to do with the cards held to the draw.  The second decision is whether to take the double or nothing optional bet.  The third is which card to pick in the double or nothing feature in the hopes it is higher than that of the dealer up card!

When you play video poker online at Springbok Online Casino South Africa, you have your destiny in your hands.  Get the respective strategies down pat and it is possible to make long term gains.  That in itself is exceptional and precisely why so many smart punters play video poker over all the other online casino games.

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Then is it a matter of funding your account, claiming the first of our three-part welcome bonus and playing the best video poker online.  Provided you have done your fair share of strategy-related homework, you may find the balance in your betting account bounces ever so slightly upward!