Which is the best game to play at the online slots real money South Africa casino? Video poker or online slots?

As the best online slots real money South Africa Casino, you’d think we only feature slots.  Well, you’d be wrong as we feature the full gamut of games!  Don’t let this overwhelm you…  We might have a massive game suite, but it is not at all difficult to understand the differences between the genres.  Let’s look at two favourites, video poker vs online slots!

How the Gameboards at Our Online Slots Real Money South Africa Casino Compare

In the real world, both video poker and slots are played on machines.  To the uninitiated, the gaming interfaces can look remarkably similar.  You pop a coin into the slot and hit the ‘Deal’ button in the case of video poker, and the ‘Spin’ button in the case of slots.

At our online slots real money South Africa casino, the differences between the two genres are a little more obvious.  For one, the gaming interfaces are completely dissimilar.  Firstly, you won’t be faced with a vertical real-life machine with mechanical parts.  It is all on-screen, displaying the most important part – the gaming boards themselves where the action happens!

In video poker, the game board consists of five face-down cards.  Above the cards is the paytable displaying the respective odds for the traditional poker hand rankings.  This feature automatically adjusts according to the number of coins you choose to wager per hand.

Switch across to online slots and it is a very different picture.  In these online casino games, the reels take up most of the screen.  The only time the paytable is consistently visible is when you play classic 3 reel slots at Springbok Casino.  In the 5 reel game, the paytable is at the backend and only accessible via the information icon.

It is not only aesthetics that differentiates video poker from the best Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed online slots real money South Africa games.  It is the decision-making – or lack thereof – that is significant… and in this instance, the difference is vast.

Game of Skill vs Game of Chance

On the one hand, there is video poker, a gambling opportunity that is classified as a game of skill.  On the other, you have online slots, a game of chance.  What that effectively means is in video poker you, the player, can change the outcome of the game by making the right or wrong decisions.

In slot games, you have no such flexibility.  Once you have activated the spin button at our online slots real money South Africa casino, that is it in terms of gameplay.  In other words, no skill or strategy is involved when you play slots online.

How can you improve the odds of winning in video poker?  By holding and discarding the correct cards in the draw.  Remember, in video poker your objective is to create a paying poker hand.  You do this by keeping the cards you think can form a pair of jacks or better, two pair, three of a kind, flush and so on.

Once the cards are dealt, you only have one opportunity to improve the hand.  That opportunity is called the draw.  It is that part of play where you can choose to hold any number of cards – or none at all – and draw more cards in their place.

When you base that decision on a tried and tested strategy, you can maximise your overall win rate – and that is a statistical fact!

In online slots, the aim is to achieve a paying combination of matching symbols on an active payline.  In this scenario, the only element in play is random generator software.  Whether you win or lose is randomly decided by a computer algorithm.

In the greater scheme of things, it is chance alone that determines whether you win or lose – hence the term, ‘game of chance’.

Multiple Variations vs Just Two

A third major difference between the two popular gaming categories is this.  Video poker is available in a wide range of variants.  At our online slots real money South Africa casino, for instance, we feature 14 video poker variations.  All are based on five-card draw poker and all are variations of Jacks or Better video poker.

When it comes to online slots, there are only two core variations based on:

  1. The reel structure, as in 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, 243 and 1024 ways to win slots and so on.
  2. Whether there is one or more progressive jackpots on the paytable.  These online slots real money South Africa games are collectively known as progressive slots.

Where online slots do dazzle is in terms of the artistic elements integrated into the games.  At Springbok Casino, there are hundreds of RTG online slots with vastly different themes, character symbols and soundtracks.

The artistic license allowed by the developers of high-end video slots is there for all to see.  It has resulted in high-resolution 3D graphics, interactive bonus games, immersive storylines and spectacular animations.

The design and development of video poker games is intensely structured.  The only components are the cards.  That obviously leaves very little leeway for creativity.

When it comes to sheer artistry, online slots rock.  The design elements, together with the uncomplicated gameplay is what makes it the runaway category of choice.  That is precisely why Springbok Casino has a reputation for being the leading online slots real money South Africa gaming platform!

Extra Ways to Win vs Special Bonus Effects

There is a fourth and final difference between video poker and online slot machines.  In some video poker variants, there are bonuses of sorts.  They are in the form of extra ways to win – like five of a kind in Deuces Wild or four aces in Bonus Bonus Poker.

When you play online slots, there are literally dozens of special effects.  These so-called bonus features vary from wilds, scatters and free spins to bonus wheels, cascading infinity wins and prize multipliers.

What that of course means is video poker may have better odds. That said, the flagship games at our online slots real money South Africa casino have the X-factor when it comes to extra ways to bag some bucks!

If you want to experience the differences between video poker and slots firsthand, sign up at Springbok Casino right now.  You can use our free cash no deposit bonus as complimentary bankroll.  That way, you can find your favourite gaming category – be it video poker, online slots or table games!