Did you know you can beat the edge playing video poker at the best online casino in South Africa? That’s a fact…

Fact-based gaming can help you win money when playing at an online casino in South Africa.  That means more dop and vleis for the shishanyama!  Combine know-how with ZAR casino bonuses and anything is possible… even a sho’t left to the Maldives!

About Video Poker at the Online Casino South Africa

Here is a fact, boet.  Video poker is ‘the game’.  It has a payback percentage capable of clearing out the digital bank vaults a top-ranked online casino in South Africa.  No jokes!  Play it perfectly and you can just about send the house into ruins in the long run.

In reality, video poker is the virtual version of draw poker.  You win when you form a paying poker hand.  You lose if you don’t.  It is that easy.  Playing real money games at Springbok Casino, including video poker, isn’t rocket science.  You do not have to have a BCom or a BSocSci to succeed.

That said, you must be streetwise… but not ‘streetwise’ as in KFC.  Rather in terms of selecting the video poker games with the best rep at the online casino South Africa!  Yes, we are referring to the variations that offer the best payback percentage, or odds.

When you do that, you really can coin it.  The trick is to skill yourself up by learning the corresponding strategy.  In the meantime, here are a few video poker facts to wrap the head around…

The Short History and Flexibility of Video Poker

Video poker is a late entrant onto the casino floor.  It was first launched in 1979 as ‘Poker Slots’ nogal.  Since then, more than 25 variations of the game have emerged.  It’s like the now controversial Steve Hofmeyr that just seemed to keep multiplying.

There are some similarities, and in this instance it’s not paternity.  Core variables are the odds, ways to win and whether there are wild cards in-play.  The tweaking of these three variables has led to formation of sub-categories of video poker, like bonus poker and wild poker.

As the best online casino for South Africa and it’s gamers, Springbok Casino features 14 variations of video poker.  Jacks or Better is considered the original form of the game – the unofficial umkhulu, oupa and grand daddy!  It has since spawned a veritable potjie pot of diverse variations.

One of the reasons why Jacks or Better is still revered is to do with the comparative ‘ease’ of winning.  According to the number crunchers, one fifth of all the hands you are dealt are winners.  That is before the draw has even taken place.  Lekker, ne?

Some video pokers, like Deuces Wild, Sevens Wild and Bonus Deuces Wild, have wild cards to sweeten the payout rate.  Others, like Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Jackpot Poker, offer ‘eish’ odds for unique poker hands, like specific four of a kinds.

Video poker at Springbok Online Casino South Africa is a bit like the local demographic.  A total population of 60 million is divided into six main ethnic groups.  All in all, we speak 12 different languages, 11 of which are officially recognised!

Why Play Video Poker for Free?

The best way to play video poker online is for free.  ZAR casino bonuses are a great source of bonsella bankroll.  They fund your forays into a gambling genre that has an average payback percentage of 98%... and up.

That is a full 2% higher than the very best online slots.  In some cases, the RTP even rises to more than 99%.  Here is the even better news...  When you implement a sound strategy, you can beat the edge.  When you meet the edge, you break even.  When you beat the edge, you start banking cash!

In that respect, video poker is one of the most unusual games at our online casino South Africa.  Hence, the game shares a go-to status amongst the smart okes… like you!  If Steve Hofmeyr was one, the dividends from winning could have gone a long way towards paying for maintenance and legal advice!

Now, you know the video poker category is always a good choice.  What you may not know is the specific variation you should play in order to win.  The game with the highest payback percentage.

With that in mind, here are the best SpinLogic video poker variations to play at the #1 online casino South Africa:

  1. Aces and Eights
  2. All American
  3. Double Jackpot Poker

How ZAR Casino Bonuses Maximise Returns

Springbok Casino offers a plethora of ZAR casino bonuses.  The R250 free bonus is the flagship in terms of our promos.  On registration of an account, we give you R250 in free credits.  You can use it to play any of our online casino games.

When you fund your video poker playing sessions with the legendary Springbok Casino no deposit bonus, it’s win-win.  Even when you do not win, it doesn’t matter.  We pick up the tab!

Our ZAR casino bonuses are however not limited to just the one offer.  There is a three-part welcome bonus, an any time deposit bonus and a cashback bonus.

As the top ranked online casino in South Africa, we complement our recurring promotions with exclusive ZAR casino bonuses.   These are targeted bonuses exclusively designed for you.  They arrive in your personal inbox when you are least expecting it!

Why You Always Know What You Win Playing Video Poker Online

Video poker is one of the few online casino games that feature the paytable on the gaming interface.  The actual payouts auto adjust according to the number of coins wagered.  The video poker odds, however, remain static.  They are posted next the respective hand rankings when the coin value is adjusted to 1.

This convenient paytable arrangement is unlike online slots.  There, you have to dig around at the backend to find what you are playing for.  Having the winning combinations displayed on the paytable in real time ups the tempo of the game.  It is also likely to have you hollering ‘kiff’ and ‘hayibo’ in equal measures!

Do you want to enjoy an action-packed online casino game with great odds?  Sign up at Springbok, claim the free bonus and play video poker online.

If you are lucky, you may hit a royal flush.  That only happens every 40,000 hands or so… and pays out a massive 4,000 credit jackpot on a maximum bet.  If the entire country was playing, that would mean 1,500 of you would hit the big-time, every time.  Who knows, at Springbok Online Casino South Africa, anything is possible!