Get comfy, play video poker against the machine – it is one of the best online casino games at Springbok Casino by far!

Casino games are available in a wide range of configurations.  Most fit into one of three broad categories – online slots, table games and video poker.  If you have wondered which gambling games have the best odds, it is video poker all the way!

Reason #1: You Can Have an Impact on the Outcome

Video poker is a simplified version of five card draw.  It is poker… but without the inherent complexities of blinds and multiple betting rounds.  Better still, you do not have to go head-to-head against other players who aren’t always your besties or even nice!

In this category of online casino games, you are up against the machine.  That immediately strips emotion, intuition and human error out of the equation.  In this super-kiff form of poker, your adversary is basically a random line of code.

That changes the game.  There are no tells to read or community cards on the table to help you figure out what to do next.  That leaves only one viable tactic.

Whatever decisions you make must be backed by hard facts.  When it comes to gambling games, facts coalesce into what is referred to as strategy.  It is a series of proven moves that can increase the odds of winning.

That is one of the reasons why video poker is widely considered as a casino games hottie.  When you follow a defined set of tactics, you can have a marked impact on the outcome of the game.  Besides a handful of table games, like online blackjack, that places video poker into a league of its own.

Reason #2: There is a Video Poker Blueprint to Follow to Beat the Edge

What are the decisions we are referring to?  In video poker, you have a chance to improve the hand you are dealt.  You can discard one or more cards, all five cards or none at all.  The decision is all yours.

At that point, you are dealt replacement cards.  If your holdings form a paying poker hand, you are paid out according to the pay table... lekker.  If not, you lose the bet.  What that means is the cards you choose to hold are critical to your long-term success rate.

Here is the good news, online games gambling gurus.  You do not have to discard and draw on the proverbial ‘wing and a prayer.’  There are tried and tested tactics out there pertaining to each and every video poker variant – be it Jacks or Better, Loose Deuces or Joker Poker.

When you are bamboozled by certain situations, like whether to hold a low pair over a high card, the answers are there for all to see.  They are part of video poker strategy!

The fact you have a winning blueprint to follow is the second reason why video poker is tops.  It gives you the ability to beat the edge.  When that happens, the long-term payback percentage goes up.  Let’s face it, hey.  Who does not want to win bucks, more often?

#3: Casino Games with the Richest Long-Term Returns

If you are in it, to win it, video poker is statistically tops.  When all the casino games in the category are taken into consideration, it has an average edge of around 2% to 3%.  That is without the adoption of the optimal strategy.

When you play video poker as it should be played, you can whittle down the edge to less than 1%.  That elevates the average payback percentage to 99% and more.

Compare that to the 97.3% payback for European Roulette or the 96.5% RTP for Let It Ride and there is only one conclusion to make.  Video poker is the kiffest of all online casino games… and by at least two full lengths of Loftus Versfeld rugby grounds!

When you bet on video poker at Springbok Online Casino, potential losses are negligible.  If you are lucky, you can gain enough swag to pay for one or two Black Labels plus a steaming plate of bobotie at the café down the drag!

Quick Video Poker Tips for an Enhanced Payout Rate

All good online games gambling guides always share a few insider secrets.  Here is our version of top video poker tips and tricks from experienced tipsters.

  • Avoid the wild video poker gambling games – the variants with wild cards in play.  It may seem like a good idea, but it is not.  The truth is payouts are reduced for the high-paying poker hands.  That is to compensate for the increased probability of hitting pairs, two pairs and three of a kind.
  • Play Jacks or Better video poker online as your game of choice, of course.  It may not have adrenalin-pumping bonus payouts – but it has one of the better long-term payback rates.
  • Compare the paytables of all the video poker variants available at Springbok Casino.  The online casino games that pay out the most for the low- to mid-paying poker hands are your best bet.  The reason being is a four of a kind and up only occurs every 500 or so hands.  By exploiting even money, 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 odds, it is easier to accumulate a profit.
  • Make use of the available online casino bonuses and promotions at Springbok Casino.  That way, you can augment your bankroll and get to see more video poker hands.  When you do that, you can optimise the probability of hitting at least one or two high-paying hands.

Thanks to our online games gambling guide, you now know video poker is one of the best bet online casino games.  It has a high average return to player and a matching low edge.  When you choose your gambling games carefully and implement the corresponding video poker strategy, there is a good chance of winning.

What is there not to like about the digitised version of draw poker?  It has all the ingredients required for kwaai gaming sessions online!  Sign up at Springbok Online Casino now, hit the video poker tab and play!  It’s lekker, mos!