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When it comes to hypothetical stuff like edge and RTP, video poker rocks. It’s the gaming equivalent of Veldskoen, Cap Classique and the Springboks in World Cup rugby. When you know how, you can maximise your chances of winning. Choosing the right online casino game is a key tactic!

Online video poker is essentially five card draw. Your objective? To form a winning hand according to traditional poker rankings. You have only one shot at improving the deal.

The original version of video poker is Jacks or Better. You get paid for a pair of jacks through to a royal flush. There are no wild cards or extra ways to win. It’s bet, hold and hopefully win.

That is one form of the game. There are dozens of video poker variations online. All are as schweet as can be – or are they? That’s when choosing the right online casino game has to be part of the strategy.

Choosing the Right Online Casino Game - It’s Dazzle Versus Data

At Springbok Casino, the top ranked casino in South Africa, we feature 15 video poker games. They are all single-hand money-makers but some have a higher long-term payback percentage than others.  What you have to wrap your head around is this – when it comes to choosing the right online casino game it is kinda razzle and dazzle versus RTP!

What do we mean by that? Games like Joker Poker pay out 10,000 x for a sequential royal flush. That is with the maximum 5-coin bet on the table. Even if you go low and stake just 25 cents, you bank R2,500! OMG!

Increase the wager to R5 and R50k is yours, a sum that skyrockets to R250,000 – that is a quarter of million – on the top R25 bet! That’s the dazzle, chinas.

The downside is the chances of hitting a sequential royal flush are slim. It’s like a 2.4 million to 1 chance – and that is rarely going to happen! On the plus side, it is a heck of a lot better than the 1 in 20,358,520 chance of winning the Lotto in South Africa!

Joker Poker - High Risk and Sky-High Rewards

That does not mean you must never play Joker Poker. There are five bonuses on the pay table, all of which have a higher hit probability. At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference. If you’re into high-risk activities like Brad Binder this is the video poker for you!

What is cause for pause is this. Even with all the frills, Joker Poker has an average RTP of 98.51%. Besides the rest of the video poker variants, only the banker and player bets in baccarat and all the blackjacks improve on that! That’s a fact.

Pick Em Poker – A Dope Combo of Razzle, Dazzle and RTP

How do the rest of the bonus pokers compare? Pick Em Poker pays out 6,000 x for a royal flush. That is more than all the other video poker games. Do the sums and that is R1,500 on the lowest available stake.

Better still, bet R5 and you get R6k. Go big and throw R25 at the machine, hit a royal flush and your Springbok Casino account is instantly R150,000 in the black! That’s nasser than Naas Botha!

What is notable about Pick Em Poker is you win on a pair of nines and up. When you factor in you have a

  • 2.37 to 1 chance of hitting a pair of nines or tens
  • 7.69 to 1 chance of hitting a pair of aces and face cards

Pick Em Poker has to be one of the go-to options when choosing the right online casino game. The average 99.11% payback percentage defs points to that. It’s the perfect combo of razzle, dazzle and RTP. Nca!

Wild Card Pokers – Bonus Deuces Wild Takes Top Spot

Some of you may have a preference for wild card poker. These are the games like Deuces Wild, Loose Deuces and Sevens Wild. Along with the conventional poker hands they offer khulu prizes for wild card combinations – 4 deuces, wild royal flush, five of a kind and so on.

Play Bonus Deuces Wild for example and there are five bonus payouts all generated by deuces. These extra ways to win offer rich pickings of between 100 x and 1,250 x on a 5-coin-wager. That is over and above the customary 4,000 x jackpot for the royal flush.

When it comes to the stats Bonus Deuces Wild is the #1 wild poker pick in the choosing the right online casino game category. It has an RTP of 99.45% which compares favourably to Sevens Wild (99.16%), Loose Deuces (99.07% and Deuces Wild (98.91%).

Choosing the Right Online Casino Game? Consider These 3 Video Poker Variants

Playing for the big bucks is tempting, particularly when the prizes are tens or even hundreds of thousands of rands. That said, if you want to win over the long term, there are three more standout contenders.

#1 Aces and Eights

The first is Aces and Eights. It offers three bonus payouts for four of a kind. Prizes range from 100 x to 400 x. The lower paying and high hit frequency rankings offer 5 x through to 25 x for a pair of jacks through to a flush. Aces and Eights has an RTP of 99.78%. Only Pick Em Poker betters that!

#2 All American

All American is #2. It doesn’t have bonus prizes or wild cards. What it does have is a whacking great 1,000 x payout for a straight flush. What is more, the straight, flush and full house cough up 40 x a pop. That is R1k when betting max – in coins and currency! As for the RTP? It clocks in at 99.60%.

#3 Jacks or Better

When choosing the right online casino game, our third variant and fourth all-round contender is none other than Jacks or Better. It doesn’t have any special features but it does offer payouts that are best aligned to the odds. The average payback percentage is 99.54%

Choosing the Right Online Casino Game Starts with Springbok!

When you play video poker at Springbok Casino, one thing is for sure. Choosing the right online casino game for South Africa (and beyond) can mean the difference between long-term losses and gains! Go on... Register an account at Springbok and play!