Horror Movies

Seeing children dress up in costumes to go trick or treating, and everybody stocking their pantries with sweets to be given to little masked visitors, Halloween no longer feels spooky.

At least until you start watching one of many horror movies this holiday has inspired. We know our players like to get spooked knowing no real harm can come to them, so the team at Springbok has decided to celebrate by reminiscing about classic and famous Halloween movies. Join us... or else!

Halloween-Inspired Movies: Halloween

The original Halloween, released in 1978, features Michael Myers (played by Will Sandin) who was committed to a sanitarium after having killed his sister as a six-year-old. The murder, naturally, occurred on Halloween. Fifteen years later Michael manages to escape from the mental hospital and on the night of his escape steals the famous mask from a hardware store.

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Halloween-Inspired Movies: House of 1,000 Corpses

House of 1,000 Corpses is another one of the movies which have received their share of negative critics but also managed to build a cult following. It features Firefly family, members of which are played by Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon and Karen Black. You'll first meet two teen couples who, having learned about the legend of Dr. Satan, go out to search for the tree from which the doctor from hell was hanged.

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Halloween-Inspired Movies: Scary Movie

Not all Halloween-inspired movies are scary, even if that's what they're called. A parody of slasher genre, this one features scenes like that of Drew, an 18-year-old girl who receives a threatening call at home and gets chased by Ghostface who then stabs her in the breast and takes out a silicone implant. Having been hit by her father's car, Drew is eventually killed by her stalker.

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Halloween-Inspired Movies: Night of the Demons

Does it get any creepier than spending the Halloween night at a mortuary? Clearly the authors of Night of the Demons though this would be a perfect place to communicate with spirits. The story starts when Angela and her friend Suzanne decide to throw a party at an abandoned local mortuary which is said to be inhabited by evil spirits. A bunch of high school kids, driving to the party location, pass a man carrying razor blades and apples.

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Halloween-Inspired Movies: Trick 'r Treat

The movie encompasses 4 Halloween horror stories which all have one thing in common: a mysterious kid called Sam, showing up in shabby pyjamas and a sack on his had whenever Halloween tradition gets broken. The film starts with a scene of Emma removing Halloween decorations from her yard, which you're not supposed to do before midnight, and as the result is covered by a sheet and gets her throat cut by candy sucker.

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