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European Roulette is here!

That’s right, we hope your suit is pressed and your cocktail is mixed because it’s time to live the high life in this classy casino classic.

Play like you’re in Monte Carlo, and get ready to spin to win on your Mobile TODAY!

Head on over to South Africa’s Number One, plan your strategy, lay your bets and let lady luck do the rest!

You’re going to love this action-packed classic, so cancel all your calls and block out your diary, the only decision you’ll be making today is red or black!

Roll up, roll up…

It’s time for European Roulette!

Throw on your best James Bond suit and head on over to South Africa’s Number One Online Casino on June 24 for this classic money spinner!

Mix yourself a classy cocktail, define your strategy, lay your bets and spin to win! This game is packed with all of your favourite casino features, all you have to do is pick your lucky numbers and away you go!

You’ll feel just like you’re in Monte Carlo when you play European Roulette coming to your Mobile on June 24!

Youth Day 2015

It’s Youth Day – marking 39-years since South Africa’s youth took to the streets in a protest against an unfair education system, in a day that would go on to change life in South Africa forever! This day serves as a reminder of the importance of our youth, and has evolved into a wonderful platform for inclusion, togetherness and freedom of expression.

In honour of the day the youth of South Africa grabbed the spotlight, we are celebrating with bonuses, freebies and prizes galore! We have already emailed you some exclusive bonus offers, but be sure to keep your eyes on our Twitter page -- as we’ll be posting plenty more there, too!

So whatever you are doing today, take time to remember the brave youth who made history that day. And however you are marking the occasion – be sure to so with pride!

Listen Up Critters…

Hillbillies Cashola – the new raucous, red-neck slot from Realtime Gaming – is on it’s way!

The hillibillies, Billy Bob, Bubba and Billy Jo, are a mighty accomodatin’ folk, and what’s more they’re very very lucky!

If you have any of the hillibiles with you on screen when you strike it rich, they’ll increase your prize! But that’s not all, they’ll also help you bag prizes, freebies and much much more!

So break out the banjo and shine up that spittoon because Hillbillies Cashola are coming to South Africa’s Number One on June 24!

Linda W. Wins R122,513.06 of Boy King's Treasure

King Tut was a boy, yes, but he was also one of Egypt greatest pharaohs, and when he died, his tomb was piled high with treasures beyond your wildest dreams, which South Africa’s Number One Casino just happened to have the key to.

Cue dangerous curse, treasure hunters, Indiana Jones wannabes. You know the sort.

Then along came Springbokker Linda W., who just strolled in, calm as you like, and walked away with R122,513.06 of the Boy King’s Treasure.

Run, now, before the rest of the treasure hunters try to get in on the 5-reel slot’s bounty that lay untouched for centuries. It's a super easy game with a progressive jackpot.

When three snakes appear to the Egyptian choral chants, be ready for 15 free games, and hunt out an audience with the Boy King himself to see your treasure pile higher and higher – up to 16x what you took in – just like it did for Linda W. on Springbok.

King Tut’s tomb may well be cursed, but this is the kind of jinx you won’t mind getting stuck with.

Be cursed, just like Linda W. was with her R122,513.06, and download Boy King’s Treasure for a beginning of the week treat. Will you be the next to reap the rewards of taking a chance with the Boy King's Treasure?