A photo of a red and yellow tile inscribed with Player and Banker in English and Mandarin, respectively.

How do you get the best out of Baccarat? You ‘bank it like Bond’ – James Bond. Now, we know not everyone is a special agent or involved in counter espionage. That said, anyone can win, and it has nothing to do with casino game variety, but rather odds, edge, and probability!

Here is a quick tip for the rookies and fresh-faced fans here at Springbok Casino. If you want emulate big winners you need look no further than the gaming establishments in Macau or Vladivostok. That is where gambling whales – those extra-high rollers with bokke like the Guptas – like to play.

Their game of choice here at Springbok Casino? Baccarat. To these kinds of players, casino game variety is so passé!

Why Gambling Whales Prefer Baccarat

Why do the wise and moneyed always opt for a game of fortune? Surely it makes sense to splash out on games of skill? Games where they can influence the outcome with strategy… Blackjack and video poker (with several iterations of the latter at Springbok Casino) spring to mind.

Baccarat is, after all, a simple predictive card game. There are no strategies to follow or decisions to be made. It is a game of two hands, two cards and three possible betting options! Why the ardent following?

There are a couple of reasons. One is the rapid turnover of hands. The more hands you play in an hour, the more money you stand to win. That is provided you know how to win.

Another reason is the fact that all the statistics point to just one good bet. It is the wager with the best odds, lowest house edge and highest probability of winning. That is why the super-rich gamers from the Orient only ever play Baccarat and at the maximum table limit – they know they can walk away with a fat profit!

Like Playing Slots But Without the Casino Game Variety

If you are new to online gaming, Baccarat may seem intimidating. The truth is it is anything but. All you have to do is select a chip value and place it on one of three positions on the layout – Tie, Banker or Player – and hit the Deal button. Everything else is determined by the software.

In that respect, playing Baccarat online is like playing slots. The only difference is there is no casino game variety. At Springbok Casino you won’t find different versions of Baccarat but you will find hundreds of slot games featuring different themes, characters, payline structures and bonus features.

That does not detract from the fun you can have playing the classic table game. It is easy to learn and quick to play. The aim of the game is to bet on the hand you think will total 9 or as close to 9 without going over it.

Basic Baccarat Rules

In this online casino game, ranks 2 through 9 count as their face value, 10 and face cards count as 0 and aces count as 1. The hand with the highest value equalling 9 or less wins. If both the Player and Banker hands have the same value, the Tie bet wins.

When calculating the hand values any hand that reaches 10 or more drops the 10-value position. In other words, if a hand totals 10, 15 or 21 the points allocated to the hand are 0, 5 or 1 respectively. That is it.

Now to why playing Baccarat at Springbok Casino is a no-brainer. That is even without traditional casino game variety like Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco and Baccarat Banque in the equation. It is about the bets, people, the Banker bet in particular.

Why the Banker Bet is the Best Baccarat Bet By Far

How do you know which bet has the best chance of winning? You look at the stats. In gaming the key bits of data to take into consideration are the odds, house edge and probability.


Baccarat Odds

As you can see from the table layout at Springbok Casino, the odds for the three bets are as follows:

  • Player bet pays out 1 to 1
  • Banker bet pays out 0.95 to 1
  • Tie bet pays out 9 to 1

Why the discrepancy in the odds between the Player and Banker bets? The casino deducts a 5% commission. Consider it a brokerage fee! That is effectively to compensate for the next set of data we will take a look at – the house edge.

The House Edge in Baccarat

Whether you play baccarat at Springbok Casino or elsewhere, you’ll always be up against the edge. The house edge is the built-in advantage to the casino for each of the three bets:

  • Player bet – 1.24%
  • Banker bet – 1.06%
  • Tie bet – 14.36%

Taking the edge into account, the theoretical long-term payback percentage to all players is 98.76% for the Player bet, 98.94% on the Banker bet and 85.64% on the Tie bet. That effectively means is you get the highest return – R98.94 for every R100 wagered – by betting on the Banker!

What about the edge as it pertains to casino game variety? In other words, do games like blackjack or roulette have a lower edge?

That depends of on the casino game variety within the genres themselves. American blackjack and European blackjack have edges of 0.61% and 0.39% respectively. The advantage to the house of the single and double zero roulettes is 2.7% and 5.3%, apiece.

Probability in Online Baccarat

How about the probability or likelihood of a particular bet winning? In this scenario there is a 44.62% of the Player bet winning, 45.86% chance of the Banker bet winning and only a 9.52% likelihood of a tie. When you take the Tie bet out of the equation the Banker bet has a fixed probability of 51% compared to the 49% assigned to the Player bet.

What the numbers are telling you is clear. The best Baccarat bet to consistently make at Springbok Casino is the Banker bet. Use that as your one and only tactic and you will ‘bank it like Bond!’ The only caveat is the potential gains are long-term so you must expect losses along with the wins…

Why Casino Game Variety Has No Impact on Baccarat Tactics

Although the question is moot – Springbok Casino only offers one Baccarat variant – it is worth asking. Does casino game variety have any impact on long-term tactics? The answer is, only marginally…

Why marginally? For the simple reason that there are fewer decks in play in both Chemin de Fer (six decks) and Baccarat Banque (three decks). Punto Banco and Baccarat have eight decks in play.

The small adjustments to the Banker and Tie odds in Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque do not detract from the fact that the banker bet is still the way to go!

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