European Roulette has the kind of house edge you should actively seek out – play the wheel over games like online slots!

The intrepid British spy may be adept at saving the world… but can he help you win at European Roulette?  As with online slots, roulette is a game of chance.  That means there is no real way of lowering the edge.  There is, however, a roulette betting system that can increase the win probability and that is where our suave secret agent steps in!

Are Online Roulette Betting Systems Effective?

Before we get into a betting system that was apparently favoured by the fictional spy, there is a broad question that requires our attention.  That of course is; are roulette betting systems effective?  As most systems are premised on covering as many numbers as possible, the short answer is – they can be.

What we can say for sure is there is a higher probability of hitting a winning number.  Why?  More of the roulette wheel is covered by one or more combination bets.  Having said that, there is no way of predicting where the ball will land on the wheel.  That of course means winning is not a foregone conclusion when you play online roulette at Springbok Casino – betting system or not.

There may be a higher chance of hitting a paying proposition, but there is also a chance – albeit diminished – of losing money on one spin after another.  Experienced gamblers will tell you that you are still likely to lose over the long term.  Why?  Because of the in-built advantage to the house… and that applies equally to online slots and other games of chance.

What is the James Bond Roulette Betting System?

The James Bond roulette betting system, as it applies to the European Roulette variant, is similar to the Martingale and Paroli systems in that it is a progressive system.  What that effectively means is you have to double your stake whenever you lose.  How come?  Conventional wisdom suggests you will quickly recoup your losses.

Theoretically, that is quite true.  If, however, you happen to hit a protracted losing streak, you will find your stake rapidly rises in value.  The truth of the matter is not everyone has the kind of budget required for high stakes gambling and that is where all progressive systems can extract a toll.

Example of a Progressive Betting System

What does a progressive betting system look like?  When you start off with a R2 chip value, for instance, you would have to increase your bet accordingly after every loss – R4, R8, R16, R32, R64, R128, R256 and so on.

Hit 12 losses in a row and your stake would soar to R4,096 which is way out of reach of the vast majority of players at Springbok Casino.  In fact, it is more in line with the random jackpot prizes you can find in RTG online slots!

Play a Combination of Three Roulette Bets

That is the downside of the James Bond betting system.  Now for the positives – but let’s take a look at the actual mechanics of the system in terms of the bets.  Rather than placing the entire stake on just one roulette bet, you have to split the stake into three different bets:

Bet 1 – place 70% of the stake on the 19 to 36 bet on the outside of the layout for a payout of 1:1

Bet 2 – place 25% on a six-line bet covering 13 to 18 on the inside of the layout at odds of 5:1

Bet 3 – place the remaining 5% on the 0 at odds of 35:1

Profit, Total Payout and Implied Probability on a R20 Stake

By doing that, you have covered 25 of the available 37 pockets on the European Roulette wheel – giving you a whopping 67.6% probability of winning one of the three bets.  If, for instance, your stake is R20, here is how you would bet according to the James Bond roulette betting strategy:

  • Bet 1 is R14 of the R20.  A winning bet would generate a profit of R14 and a total return of R28.  The bet’s implied probability is 50%.  That of course means you have a 50/50 chance of winning the bet.
  • Bet 2 is R5, the profit is R25 and the total payout is R30.  The implied probability of the six-line bet is 16.67%.
  • Bet 3 is R1, the profit is R35 and the total return is R36.  However, there is just a 2.78% chance of hitting the zero or any other single number on the roulette wheel.

Although the theoretical probability of hitting a number covered by the combination of bets is very high, the truth is you can – and will – lose a third of all the bets you make over time.  Why?  The probability of losing is 32.4%... and that is a number you have to bear in mind when you play European Roulette online at Springbok Casino.

Don’t Forget the In-Built Advantage to the House

Besides the theoretical probability of winning and losing, all casino games, from online slots to blackjack and roulette, have what is known as the house edge.  If you’ve keenly been reading our informative articles here at Springbok Casino, you should know all about the house edge by now.

The European Roulette you can play at Springbok Casino has an edge of 2.70%.  No betting system, regardless of how effective it may be, can lower the house edge.  The good news is the advantage to the house for European roulette is low when compared to other games of chance like online slots.

As a result, you can expect to lose an average of just R0.27 of every R10 wagered on roulette over your gambling lifetime.  Now back to the original question posed right at the beginning of the article.  Can the James Bond betting system boost the win rate in roulette?  The answer is – only if you are lucky enough to get more hot numbers than cold.

When you play roulette online at Springbok Casino, you have just as much chance of winning as you would playing online slots, keno, scratch cards or the lottery – but, due to the low edge, you will lose less of your stake over time!