Best Roulette Tips

Roulette is a very popular online casino game here at Springbok Online Casino.  We do everything we can to replicate the excitement of roulette.  That means that we use the best graphics available from RealTime Gaming, our roulette games provider. 

Online casino roulette certainly has its fans and followers.  Here are a few useful tips for playing online roulette.  We’ll be adding to this series of articles often.

Avoid Betting Systems

There are many betting systems for roulette and for craps as well.  The most famous are the Martingale and the Labouchere.  These basically require you to increase your bet after a loss.  No betting system in roulette works.  That’s because the house has a built in edge: the 0 or 00 slots.

In roulette, you can bet on these numbers in combination with others but not singly.  That means that any system that tells you to regain your loss by increasing your bet will run up against the 0 and 00 slots.

A Game of Chance

Roulette is always a game of chance.  At land based casinos, there is always the possibility that the wheel could be off by a fraction of a millimeter thus affect ting the outcomes of the spins.  This is rare in modern, regulated casinos but it must be acknowledged that it is still “a possibility” because the entire roulette operation is mechanical.

At an online casino, the entire roulette operation is digital.  It is run by a computer chip called the Random Number Generator (RNG).   The RNG runs all the time.  When you spin the roulette wheel at the online roulette table, you set in motion the number that will result from that spin.  The RNG is calibrated to spin for exactly x seconds and then stop.  Since it runs even when you’re deciding on you next bet, the number that it ends up at is determined as soon as you spin the wheel.

Return to Player Rate

The casino can set the rate at which money wagered is returned to players.  It’s always a good idea to search for an online roulette game with a relatively high return to player rate.  For instance, our return to player rate for European roulette is over 97%.

European Roulette

In addition to finding an online casino with a high return to player rate, there is another way to reduce the house’s edge.  That way is to play European roulette.  In the European version of roulette, there is no 00 slot; only a 0 slot.  This reduces the house’s edge by about half.  It means that if roulette is your game, you can extend your gaming sessions simply by following this one tip.

Study the Betting Table

If you look closely at a roulette betting table, you can see that by placing the chip on a point, line, corner, or at the end of a row or column, you can choose to bet on several numbers at a time with the same bet.

However, the layout of the table makes it impossible to decide for yourself which combination of numbers you can bet.  So, if you want to bet your kids birthdays, you may have to make single number bets.

This is not a problem unless you bet primarily from emotion and superstition.  It’s best to play roulette for the fun side of the game rather than as a way to satisfy emotional needs.  Meditation, yoga, and prayer are excellent ways to satisfy emotional needs and casino gaming was never intended to supplant those and other similar pursuits - it's meant for pure and simple FUN!

Manage Your Account

Since the odds of winning a single number bet are 35-1, the chances are good that such a bet will not win.  Many people have won great sums betting on a single number at roulette but it’s still a rarity.  We don’t discourage such bets; we are well aware that the possibility of a huge payout is a great lure to bettors.

However, we do encourage all bettors to calculate how much they feel comfortable betting on a long shot.

Managing your account also involves managing your time.  There is actually no such thing as a hot day or a cold day.  However, some players are tempted to keep playing to win back their losses.  If they continue to lose, they often blame it on a “cold day”.  This is a mistake.  The RNG determines all outcomes.  Even if you’ve lost several spins in a row, there is no statistical guarantee that you’ll win on the next spin.

Healthy time management involves seeing online roulette as a fun and entertaining pastime.  As with all entertainments, there is a cost to online gaming.  However, as opposed to going to the movies or to a restaurant, when you play at an online casino, you’ll win pretty often.  On those occasions, your entertainment will have been free. 

What Should We Do When We Get Tired?

To simplest yet best answer is simply to stop.  We know when to stop when we’re reading a book.  No matter how much we’re enjoying the book, we stop when we get tired because we know that reading when tired reduces our enjoyment of the book.

The same goes for online roulette and all online casino games.  Make ending a gaming session easy and you’ll always feel good about returning to play the next time.  This is one of the biggest advantages of gaming at an online casino like Springbok Online Casino.  You can always come back the next day while, at a land based casino, your gaming is limited to the duration of your stay.

What Are the Return to Player Rates?

Return to player rates do vary from casino to casino and we, at Springbok Casino, are proud that our return to player rates are amonst the highest.