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New Methods for Circumventing FOBT Regulations Abound

New laws that make it harder for players to lose huge amounts of money when playing no deposit casino bonus FOBT machines are cutting into UK bookmakers’ profits. The land-based and online casino bookies are fighting back by coming up with new gambling options that circumvent the new regulations.

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Progressive Roulette” Identified as a Possible Scam

After a Canadian couple got scammed in a no deposit casino bonus scam game of “progressive roulette,” authorities are warning online casino and land-based players around the world to play only at regulated land-based and online casino sites - like here, at Springbok. 

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Like Movies? Like Roulette? Well....

You don’t have to study the no deposit casino bonus betting sheets to learn new strategies for your online casino roulette gaming entertainment. Over the years Hollywood has released numerous casino-themed movies where you can gain valuable insights in how to play roulette and other casino games or simply enjoy the atmosphere of casino entertainment.  

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Cheating or Staying Solvent? UK Bookies Confront the Government

Big bookmakers in the UK including online casino operators William Hill, Betfred and Paddy Powers think that they’ve found a way to offset new no deposit casino bonus rules that limit wagers on fixed odds betting machines. Up until March of 2019, the limit on bets was £100 on the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. That high limit led to intense criticism that the machines, which can accept several bets per minute, were causing people to lose too much money too fast. Now the highest legal bet on such machines is £2 which is causing mayhem in the industry.

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