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South Africans loooove to play sports, video games and South African casino games. If you are ready for a year of action on the field and at the controls and right here at Springbok Casino, then listen up... We have rounded up the best games in the respective categories!

Best South African Sports Games

There are no prizes for guessing where the loyalties lie in terms of sports in South Africa. It is soccer people and by a country mile. The local equivalent of football is more than a ball game. It is a tradition, a passion, and a national treasure!

According to recent statistics, around 4,9 million people play soccer at club level. That is the entire population of Cape Town shoving and barging their way around the field. What is more, soccer is genderless. Everyone loves the game.

Like our Spanish, English, Italian and Brazilian counterparts, South African women are seriaas soccer fanatics. That is largely due to the awesomeness of Refiloe Jane and the rest of the Banyana Banyana squad.

For the ‘Girls’ the last few years have been nothing short of spectacular. They won the Africa Cup of Nations in 2022 and reached the round of 16 in the 2023 Women’s World Cup for the first time. What is there not to like?

Can’t make it to the big games? No problem. You can always watch the action live on TV. Alternatively, you can get your football fix by playing soccer-themed South African casino games instead. They may not feature Orlando Pirates, Mamelodi Sundowns or Supersport United – but there are real Randelas to be made.

Which South African casino games are we referring to? Football Fortunes and Football Frenzy, of course. They are featured under the Slots tab at Springbok Casino. Check them out!

As for the runner-up in the sports category? That goes to rugby. The reason for the game’s massive rise in popularity is summed up in two words – Siya Kolisi.

Captain Kolisi and the rest of the Boks are more than deserving of the number one status in world rugby. What makes the Bokke even more alluring is the fact they are all-round nice guys. Wasn’t that 35 – 7 win over the All Blacks in the warm-ups the best-ever?

Best South African Casino Games

In 2024 you can expect the trend towards slots-based South African casino games to continue here at Springbok Casino. The reels will be working overtime to deliver payline wins again this year. Why the enormous attraction to online slots?

The answer lies in the simplicity of the game. There is no strategy to consider or tactics to talk of. All you have to do is select a bet value and hit the autospin tab. Then it is a matter of watching and waiting as the payouts pile up in your Springbok Casino account!

Another big drawcard of the online slots genre is the sheer volume of games. You can literally find hundreds of different slots available at one online location. The best casinos, like Springbok Casino, launch new South African casino games every few weeks. The best part? Most are multiline video slots!

Best South African Casino Games – Slots

As for the best games in the slots category? That depends upon your budget, playing style and appetite for risk. These days, most slot games have a medium to high volatility. That is an indication of the games’ expected fluctuations in fortune.

High volatility slots pay out plenty, but the hit frequency is low. Medium volatility slots are more evenly balanced. That is why they are suited to more risk averse players. Due to the number of South African casino games in the slots category, singling out the best high and medium volatility slots is a bit of lottery.

One new game that is worth a shot is Jackpot Saloon slot. The reason being a top base game payout of 4,000 x the line bet. That converts to R10k when betting max. Scatter wins up to 500 x, prize multipliers and 10 free games add to the x-factor.

As for the medium volatility slot, Spooky Wins is right up there with the best. It has a top win of 800 x the line bet in standard play. Do the sums and that R4,000 cash in your pocket. Even the scatter payout is fresh. It delivers up to 5 x the stake, a sum that maxes out at R750.

Bonus features are prolific and include wild and expanding reels, up to 20 free games and a bonus wheel.  What can you win on a spin of the wheel? Multipliers ranging from 5 x to 100 x or an instant jackpot. Play like a pro and there is 30,000 x the line bet concealed on the reels!

Best South African Casino Games – Table Games

Besides online slots, South Africans enjoy the challenge of skilled based games like Casino Stud, Casino Hold’em, video poker and blackjack. These games offer the best odds but are more complex to play.

Slots, roulette, keno, scratch cards and baccarat are games of fortune. Blackjack, poker, and video poker are games of skill. You need a strategy to win. The right tactics can mean a steady return on your bets – more so than had you played slots instead.

What are the best South African casino games that require a level of skill to win? Our favourites are Blackjack and Perfect Pairs and Pick Em Poker. Play the side bet blackjack, hit the perfect pair and you are paid out at odds of 25 to 1. That is over and above any winnings accrued for a winning hand or blackjack!

Pick Em Pokier is an exciting new variation of Jacks or Better video poker. In this game you are dealt two cards and two sets of three cards. The objective of the game is to form a paying poker hand by holding one or other of the 3-card sets!

As the probability of winning is lower than that of the conventional video poker games, the payouts are notably higher. Bet the 5-coin maximum, achieve a royal flush – and you get a mega prize of 6,000 x the wager! The straight flush pays 1199 x, four of a kind generates 600 x and the full house and flush deliver 75 x apiece.

Along with the high hand jackpots, there is another reason for playing Pick Em Poker at Springbok. The game pays for a pair of nines or better!

Best South African Video Games

When it comes to the number of available, video games far outstrip South African casino games. Selecting one title out of thousands is virtually impossible. Instead, we have listed the top three games in their respective categories.

  • Best RPGs – Baldur’s Gate 3, Lies of P, Diablo IV
  • Best Platformers – Shovel Knight, Cuphead, Super Mario 64
  • Best Sports – WWE 2K23, F1 23, AEW Fight Forever
  • Best Adventure – Hogwarts Legacy, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Amnesia: The Bunker
  • Best Survival – Ark: Survival Ascended, The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, Grand Empire: Time Travel Survival
  • Best Action – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Final Fantasy XVI, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  • Best first person single shooter Doom Eternal, Overwatch 2, Halo Infinite

Whether it is video games, South African casino games or tennis, cricket, netball, or soccer, it is time to play, South Africa. Join a club, swop those video games around with your friends, and sign up at Springbok Online Casino NOW! Go get your fun face on in 2024!