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What are the Strategy Variations in Double Double Bonus Video Poker?

It’s time for another article on one of the many variations to the standard Jacks or Better video poker game.  This time we’ll talk about Double Double Bonus Jacks or Better.  This game is fascinating because it has big payouts for four-of-a –kind generally and for four aces especially.  There are even bigger payouts for four aces with certain kickers.  These changes cause the basic Jacks or Better strategy to change.

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What Should I Think about Before Playing Blackjack?

In this blackjack tips article, we’re going to give you some pointers that you can use here at Springbok, your top online casino for South Africa and also for when you go to a land based casino to play.  You see, as much as we feel that there are many more advantages to playing online here at Springbok Casino, we also know that even our most loyal gamers go from time to time to play in a land based casino.

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Is There More to Video Poker Strategy than Using a Strategy Card?

Sometimes, because we concentrate so much of our energy on learning strategy, we forget that irrespective of strategy, there are many behaviors that might be construed as tactical mistakes.  In terms of online casino gaming, this is true primarily in the games that require analysis and careful decision-making.  So, the mistakes we are here warning you against are not exclusive to video poker but they certainly do apply to video poker.

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Roulette Computers that Really Work

Just when you thought that there was no way to beat the casino, a method has come to light that may upend the 300-year-old roulette game and allow you to win more payouts and collect more no deposit casino bonus give-aways when you play roulette.   

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