Gambling Tips

Make the best out of it! Here you'll find lots of handy tips to become even better.

Play Online Slots for their “Fun Factor”

It seems that players continue to search for a magic formula—or the magic formula—to win at slots.  The plain fact is that the Random Number Generator has no knowledge of past spins.  It constantly generates random numbers.  In slots, that means random stops on each of the reels.  So, you can’t know what will happen next in slots.  Online casino games are all digital, and rely on the RNG to maintain transparency and fairness.

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How Do Blackjack Experts Relate to the Game?

In this tips article, we’ll talk about various ways blackjack experts view the game.  Blackjack is a game that requires close attention to detail and constant decisions.  So, it should help you improve your game if you learn the perspectives experts bring to it.   One of the things that make Springbok the leading online casino for South Africa is that we do as much as we can to make gaming fun.  One way to make playing blackjack fun is to learn as much about it as possible.

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How Do Chance and Probability Affect Roulette Outcomes?

Roulette players often confuse the two similar but different concepts of “chance” and “probability”.    Most online casino games are games of chance.  Players often get confused between the obvious chance in a game and the probability that a given outcome will result.  At Springbok, we offer a no deposit casino bonus to new players as a way that they can try out all our games, both the games of chance and the games of skill, and hone their skills.

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Can I Become a Professional Video Poker Player?

We have explained in past articles that video poker is the single game at an online casino that has the return top player rate closest to 100%.  The difference between winning at video poker and losing is usually a combination of mistakes players make plus a run of some bad luck.  If you make the correct play all the time and have a run of some good luck, you will indeed win at video poker more often than you’ll lose.

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