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Explore Chinese Mysticism and the Universe of the Ancient Gods

Welcome Ancient Gods, the newest release from Real Time Gaming, soon to go live at Springbok downloadable, instant play, mobile and native app platforms. RTG was always bold enough to find inspiration is ancient legends, myths and folklore and this time the developer has recognised magnificence, power and payout potential in the ancient Chinese story about the Four Heavenly Guardians. These were beasts, celestial beings in bodies of animals and mythological creatures that were given the task to each guard a direction on the compass and each had a seven-constellation realm to watch out for. Each of them is associated with different elements and seasons.

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Springbok to Premier RTG’s Secret Jungle Slot

What better place to experience an adventure than in a secret jungle? Just think about it - hidden temples and artefacts, extraordinary creatures in the shadows of trees and bushes and an occasional bump-in with multipliers just to make things a dash more interesting. We’re quite accustomed to RTG delivering detailed slots in high quality, and they lived up to the standard once again with Secret Jungle. Breathtaking visuals will take you straight into the depths of the jungle and you won’t be getting out any time soon - not before you collect as many Idol symbols as possible and boost your balance to the max. The top award in Secret Jungle is 50,000 times bet per line, and all Springbok players will have a chance to go at it starting June 20th 2018.

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The Kingdoms of China Presented in New RTG San Guo Zheng Ba Slot

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which is more interesting - Chinese culture, tradition and religion or Chinese history. Real Time Gaming decided to pick a historic theme to develop their San Guo Zheng Ba slot. The game title roughly translates to ‘The Power of the Three Kingdoms’ and refers to the end of Han Dynasty. As one of the bloodiest periods in history of China, the Three Kingdoms period sees three kingdoms contending to succeed Han and form a new dynasty. The period was described in the novel The Romance of Three Kingdoms, written by Luo Guanzhong in the 14th century. Which king will you support in this merciless battle?

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Learn About the Elements in RTG’s New Slot Tian Di Yuan Su

In both classical times and in Chinese philosophy, the elements were used to explain everything from cosmic cycles to the succession of political regimes. If you’re remotely interested in philosophical theories you ought to try out RTG’s brand new slot game called Tian Di Yuan Su. According to Wu Xing, the Chinese concept of five elements, it all comes down to Wood (木 mù), Fire (火 huǒ), Earth (土 tǔ), Metal (金 jīn), and Water (水 shuǐ). These elements are in constant interaction, forming a perpetual generative cycle where wood feeds fire, fire creates earth through ash, earth bears metal, metal collects water and water then nourishes wood. See what happens with these ancient concepts in Tian Di Yuan Su; spin the reels and obtain the vast riches found in magnificent temples, exclusively at Springbok casino from June 6th, 2018.

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Step Into the Arena - Lucha Libre 2 is Here

If you’re a fan of American pro wrestling you need to check out Lucha Libre - Mexican professional wrestling, an entertaining type of combat sport with a spectacular twist. Mexican wrestlers, aka luchadores, wear colourful masks as part of their in-ring persona or gimmick and fight using ‘high-flying’ manoeuvres. The whole show is quite a spectacle and it forms part of Mexican culture, tightly related to Mexican cuisine and the overall vibrant spirit of the Mexican people. Elements of both the combat and Mexican culture and food are all present in the new Lucha Libre slot adaptation deemed Lucha Libre 2. Scheduled for release on April 18th 2018, this new RTG video slot will be a feast for both your eyes and your stomach with symbols like luchadores, chilli peppers, hot spice and tequila!

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