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What Do Kiwis and Saffers Have in Common?

If you’re from the Land of the Long White Cloud and are looking for a Kiwi online casino to play at, look no further.  Springbok Casino might sport the patriotic South African green and gold design with the famous springbok as our mascot, but there is so much on offer that can be enjoyed by both Saffers and Kiwis!  Let’s take a look at what else these two nations have in common.

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Deepfake - Disaster or the Building Blocks of a Better World?

What do you immediately associate with Deepfake?  X-rated viewing, politics and spear phising?  Unfair as it may be, it’s the tech that gets a bad rap rather than the actors who use it to create havoc.  Think of it in the context of the online gamble real money sessions at Springbok Casino.  It’s not the games that are bad, it’s the problem gamblers.  With that in mind – is Deepfake a disaster or can it be put to good use?

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On a Wing and a Prayer - Awesome Migrations of Flight

Would you travel 90 000 km for a bit of summer sunshine?  Maybe not, especially if you had to rely on your own two feet to get from A to B.  In the animal world, annual migrations are arduous journeys at the best of times.  When it comes to the real distance travellers, it’s more a case of ‘on a wing and a prayer’ than reclining the seat and settling in with the mobile casino South Africa as company!

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Starlink vs Project Kuiper - Vanity Projects or Super-Quick Internet Access for All?

You have heard of the battle of the bands… but how about the battle of the mega-billionaires?  When it comes to outer space, there are only two contenders – Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.  These super-wealthy visionaries are involved in close combat, but it’s not rockets or lunar landings that are the prize…

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Can Video Games Become the New Casino Games?

Loot boxes, rewards systems and unlocking mechanisms are already adding an element of gambling to video games.  Now with an entire generation of players who are more familiar with Candy Crush than blackjack or roulette, are video games the new casino games… and what will the games of the future look like at Springbok Casino?

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