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Why the Perseverance Rover is a Testament to Technology

Perseverance is the most advanced robot to enjoy the rarefied atmosphere of the Red Planet.  Besides housing a sophisticated suite of high-tech tools, the latest Mars rover is so agile, it could easily power-up casino games, record 3D video and report back to Mission Control… at the same time!

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Dogecoin – Crypto Crusader or Comic Relief?

You have heard of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum but how about Dogecoin?  The Canis-based cryptocurrency may be more meme than money but celebrities are backing it to the hilt.  Is the altcoin going to become a serious digital asset like our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes?  Read on to find out!

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Grapes – Fruit of the Gods or Disease-Busting Berries?

Whether you are tanking back the wine as you power up the #1 Kiwi online casino or popping perfectly sun ripened Black Beauties into your mouth, grapes are central to New Zealand culture.  The good news is grapes aren’t only the antecedents of fine wines.  They are packed with health-optimising compounds!

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What are Giant Radio Galaxies and Why Should We Care?

What is much, much bigger than the Milky Way?  No, it is not our super-functional mobile casino South Africa.  It is a radio wave-emitting super massive black hole recently discovered by South African astronomers.  If you want to know what radio galaxies are, here is a guide for dummies, by dummies!

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How Marine Animals Use Sound to Stun, Mate and Predate

Venture into the ocean and you will find it is not the tranquil environment it is made out to be.  From the tiniest plankton to gigantic baleen whales, marine animals are an active and noisy bunch.  As online gambling is synonymous with the jingle-jangle of coins, the ocean is a hot bed of clicks, snaps, grunts and high-pitched whale song.

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