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4 High-Tech Gadgets for the Modern Home

Technology makes everything more efficient and accessible – whether its our Kiwi online casino, bot-enabled home security or in-house food production.  If you are looking for futuristic solutions for mundane tasks, here are the top 4 high-tech gadgets for 2021!

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From Playing Casino Games to Identifying 15 Billion Objects – All from your Mobile

In recent years, apps that can identify items such as plants, flowers and food have gained popularity – more so in recent times as databases for reference have improved.  Unfortunately for most of these apps, Google Lens has knocked it out of the park with their image identifier, leaving little need for any other app.

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Online Casino Games are High-Tech – But Have you Heard About the Sky Hotel?

Situated at 150 West Street in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg, lies the Sky Hotel.  They might not offer online casino games, but they do employ the only Michelin Star chef in the country, Executive Chef, Tony Kocke.  That’s impressive in its own right – but it is their non-human staff that is making international headlines!

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The Free Instant Messaging War of 2021

As if a global pandemic, delays in the start of school and the reversion to Lockdown Level 3 isn’t enough, South Africans are in a collective tizz over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy.  The popular messaging service announced its updated policy on 7 January 2021, which would force users to either accept the terms, or lose access to the service. 

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2 Extra Public Holidays to Play Online Casino Games in South Africa in 2021

Working Saffers live for weekends…  This is when you get to fire up the braai, slap a boerie on the coals, kick back and pop a cold one.  Weekends are also a great time to enjoy uninterrupted online gambling… but what do South Africans enjoy even more than playing online casino games at Springbok Casino on weekends?

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