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Best Free iOS and Android Apps for the Covid-19 Lockdown

As of midnight, 26 March 202, more than 58 million South Africans went under full-blown national lockdown.  As surreal as it may seem, Covid-19 has not only reached our shores, it is causing panic on the streets.

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Jobs of the Future – From Drone Traffic Controllers to Black Swan Scenario Planners

The evolution of the job market is rapid and constant.  What was cutting edge ten years ago is redundant today.  That’s just in the natural course of things.  When the unexpected happens, everything changes at warp speed.

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Match-Fixing Scandals that Rocked the World

Most of us love sports.  Whether we are watching it, managing it, or participating in it – sports is entertaining, invigorating and a healthy outdoorsy kind of thing to do.  It is like playing casino games, but without the benefit of Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes!  Although that is true for most us, for a minority of folk, sport provides the opportunity to cheat… and to cheat for personal gain.

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Top Trends for a Post-Covid World

The Covid-19 pandemic is re-shaping the world as we know it.  When all the dust has settled and the final body counts are in, we are going to re-enter a world that may not be unrecognisable… but different nonetheless.

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Unsolved Mysteries: From Dancing Plagues and Ancient Computers to Casino Games

Everyone loves a good mystery, and despite massive advances in technology, there are still mind-boggling events, artefacts and discoveries that have left scientists scratching their heads.  

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