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Win big anywhere with Springbok Casino for mobile

We’ve become pretty attached to our mobile devices in the last few years and for good reason. With all of the apps available, the various websites being built for mobile and the ease of use of having a computer you can take with you anywhere, now there is no reason you shouldn’t have the entertainment you love with you too. Springbok Casino’s mobile gaming hub gives you the power to play the slots, table games and more on your smartphone or tablet anytime of the day or night. With more and more games being released for mobile, many people are moving away from desktop and browser-based casinos altogether in favour of gaming-on-the-go.

There are many reasons to go mobile and if you haven’t yet, consider how much time you spend every day on banal tasks that could be made better with entertainment at your fingertips. Waiting to fetch your kids from school, drinking a lone cup of coffee while you wait for an appointment or even standing in line at the bank are all activities that could be made so much better if you had something to take your mind off the wait. Well, now it’s possible with mobile gaming.

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Our latest huge offer – 3 deposits, 3 bonuses!

At Springbok Casino, we love to reward our best customers with some exclusive offers and encourage new custom with our terrific promotions. One of our newest promos is the 3 deposits, 3 bonuses offer that we are currently running. Find out how to join us now and take advantage of this huge promotion below!

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Come and check out our roulette tables at Springbok Casino!

We are passionate about our customer service here at Springbok Casino and pride ourselves on the promotions and offers that we continue to offer to both existing customers, and those who are new to our services. All of our services are high quality, and we believe that our games are amongst the best in the business. We’d just like to inform you a little more about our different roulette games that we are currently offering here at Springbok Casino and hope that this tempts you into trying one of our most played games.

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Fancy earning cash back as you play? Check out our 25% cashback offer!

Springbok Casino care about customer satisfaction, and we hope that you enjoy your experiences on our website and in our online games. We also understand the need to give something back to our customers – both existing and new – and that is one of the reasons we have decided to offer you a fantastic 25% cashback offer on selected games. Please have a read of the rules below regarding the promotion and find out how to go about getting your bonus cash back!

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Is card counting ethical?

In 1962 a mathematics professor named Edward O. Thorp published ‘Beat the Dealer’, the first book to mathematically prove that the house advantage in Blackjack could be overturned by card counting. That book, published over 50 years ago, laid the groundwork for thousands of counters to try their luck against famously hard-nosed casino security. 

What Thorp proved using computer simulations, statistics and not a little of his own research was something that many gamblers had known for some time - that when the deck is rich is high values cards like 10s and aces players would win more often. In Blackjack dealers shuffle multiple decks together in a shoe, only shuffling again when almost all those cards have been dealt. Thorp’s revolutionary method only required that players keep track of the dealt cards, assign each a value and keep a running count. 

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