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Big Winner! Carol Z is rolling in it!

Springbok, South African’s Number 1 Online Casino, is thrilled for Carol Z. She struck it lucky in Paydirt!, in one single spin in the Strike it Lucky Free Games Feature of Realtime Gaming’s (RTG) 5-reel fun mine.

That one spin made Carol Z R168,225.00 richer. R168,225.00! What could you do with that kind of tom!?

Grab your pick axe, dynamite, donkey and dog and head off on your own Gold Rush and join Carol Z in the lap of luxury. Watch out for the random progressive jackpot while you hunt down the wild Paydirt! Sign.

The Paydirt! Sign triggers three fantastic free bonus-pick features -- Gold Rush, Gold Fever and (Carol Z’s favourite) Strike It Lucky – giving you the chance to win up to 12 free games!

And down each mine, there are Bonus Symbols lurking with even more FREE GAMES.

In Strike It Lucky, for example, choose from five gold mines to get a Bonus Symbol with 10 free games.

So play instantly and hang out with the free-spin gopher and fill your coffers with piles of nuggets of gold.

The Ants are coming!

There's Ants, Ants everywhere! Ants on my apple! Ants on my pear! Ants at a picnic, they’re so great. I see five crawling 
On my plate!

That’s right, an army of Ants have arrived and they are carrying huge prizes to your mobile picnic table in Small Fortune - the amazing slot from Real Time Gaming available now in our Mobile Casino!

These cheeky worker ants are grouped WILDS, and trigger the FREE SPIN FEATURE when they appear with a Picnic Basket in between. For once you will actually want ants at your picnic as the more ants and baskets onscreen when the feature triggers, the more powerful your feature will be!

So get in quick and enjoy your feast – there’s nothing small about this fortune, and it’s waiting for you on your mobile NOW! 

Forget about Friggatriskaidekaphobia!

That’s fear of Friday 13th to you and me. It’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it, it’s also known as paraskavedekatriaphobia – perhaps give that one a try instead! If you can’t pronounce either, don’t worry, because Friday 13th could be your lucky day!

In the words of Daft Punk, it’s time to ‘Get Lucky’, so here’s what to look for if you want to have good luck on an unlucky day…

Forget black cats, keep your eye out for blackbirds, particularly ones perched on a roof. This is said to be extremely lucky on Friday 13th! If you manage to spot two nesting together, then today really is your lucky day!

While you’re rooting around in the trees for nesting blackbirds, look out for spider webs too! Find one that spells out your initials and your luck is definitely in. If you can’t find your initials, then be sure to make friends with the spiders anyway, because according to British folklore, should one of our 8-legged friends fall on to you, you are destined to come into some money!

And as you are staring up to the skies looking for falling spiders and perching blackbirds, you had better hope that one decides bless you with its droppings! This is considered extremely lucky in many cultures.

If the garden’s not bringing you much luck, get back into the house and search for creepy crawlies instead. A ladybird or frog in the home suggests money is coming, and a grasshopper indicates a distinguished guest will soon arrive – could that guest be Lady Luck???

So what are you waiting for? Look out for your Friday 13th email special in your inbox and start testing your luck in South Africa’s Number One Online Casino!

Larry, Moe, and Shemp are here!

That's right, they are ready to play right now in the latest wacky installment in The Three Stooges series - The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom!

Help them find their bride to unlock REWARDS, trigger the zany RE-SPINS and  STOOGE PICKS FEATURES! Pick a TV in the Stooge Picks Feature to reveal FREE SPINSMULTIPLIERS and the even crazier WHACKY WILDS!!!

That's not all! You can also trigger 33 Lucky Stooge Spins instantly at the end of any normal spin with all WILD STOOGE PRIZES TRIPLED!

Will you be the one to help the Stooges mend their broken hearts? You will want to be, as finding two broken heart pieces will start more FREE SPINS and lead to BIG PRIZES!

So don’t be a knucklehead, play The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom from Realtime Gaming on Download and Instant Play TODAY! 

Why you oughta…

…play South Africa’s Number One Casino’s BRAND NEW GAME!

Join Larry, Moe, and Shemp in this wacky new slot from Realtime Gaming - The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom!

The Stooges are on the lookout for a bride, help them find her and reap the rewards by triggering the zany RE-SPINS and STOOGE PICKS FEATURES!

C’mon wise guy, pick a TV in the Stooge Picks Feature and reveal FREE SPINS, MULTIPLIERS and the even crazier WHACKY WILDS.

That’s not all, with their brides missing, The Three Stooges are nursing broken hearts! Help them put the pieces back together to collect BIG PRIZES and start your FREE SPINS!

What’s the big idea? You’ll certainly find out, when you randomly trigger up to 33 Lucky Stooge Spins instantly at the end of any normal spin with all WILD STOOGE PRIZES TRIPLED!

So don’t be a knucklehead, put on your best suit, pop some bubbly and get ready to celebrate with The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom coming THIS WEDNESDAY!

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