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5 spontaneous ways to make your life better!

By this point in the year, new year’s resolutions may seem like a distant memory so here’s one that’s easy to keep – be spontaneous!

We can all fall into the same daily routine, but it doesn't have to be that way - here are 5 ways to inject some spontaneity into your life...

  1. Learn a new skill: Teach yourself a new party trick, whether it’s mastering an obscure instrument or picking up a magic trick, it’s always good to have something up your sleeve for your next dinner party!
  2. Go for a walk: Take a five minute walk in any direction and I guarantee you’ll end up somewhere new. You don’t need to have a reason, just take the opportunity to explore your surroundings.
  3. Book a last minute trip: Few days to spare? Why not grab some holiday brochures and pick a random page – that’s where you’re heading this weekend... Don’t forget your toothbrush!
  4. Talk to a stranger: See someone every day on the commute? Why not take the time to say hello, you never know they might have been waiting for you to break the ice and you'll end up with a friend for life!
  5. Take a gamble (and not just in South Africa’s Number One Online Casino): That date you’ve been putting off, the promotion you’re too scared to apply for - just go for it! What’s the worst that can happen?

Springbok Is Going Nuts!

R112084 paid out! This time to a very happy oke, Coenraad B. Another lekker load of cash winging its way to another lucky Springbok Online Casino player.

Coenraad was happily spinning away on the 5-line slot Return of the Rudolph, tapping in to that last bit of Christmas joy, when he pulled down a staggering R112084.

Crack on over to Return of Rudolph, download it and have yourself some fun on one of Realtime Gaming's most popular Christmas-themed slots, with its great bonus round feature: if 3 Rudolph’s appear on Reel 3, he will expand and triple all prizes if substituting a winning combination!

All you need to do is help Santa rescue his elves, and you'll be rewarded with FREE GAMES and stacks of potential extras, including QUADRUPLED PRIZES, EXPANDING TRIPLING WILDS ON REEL 3 and EXTRA WILDS!

Just like Coenraad B.!

From all of us at South Africa's Number 1 Online Casino, congratulations Coenraad, and enjoy your winnings!

Way to go, Penelope L.

Incredibly, Lucky 8 has another lucky winner! Springbok’s Game of the Month just can't seem to stop paying out massively. Penelope L is now a staggering R92,320.00 richer thanks to Lucky 8 and South Africa’s Number One Online Casino.

The Chinese believe number 8 will bring luck and good fortune to you just as it has for Maria R and Penelope L. Could you be rolling in cash by the end of the month, too?

Go on! Get in on the Lucky 8 action and see your fortunes change. With its Win-Win bonus feature and the chance to multiply your bet by 88, you could well be living your dreams in a matter of days. 

5 crazy ways to feel good and help others!

The new year may be well under way, but here’s a resolution that’s easy to stick to – make someone's day! Of course the happiness of others is all the thanks you need, but did you know many studies have shown that helping others can make you happier too! Here's 5 ways to spread the love in 2015!

  1. Volunteer: Not only can volunteering help you connect with others, it is also proven to make you on average 10% happier - what's not to love!
  2. Smile: Whether you're smiling at people you know, complete strangers, or acquaintances that cross your path, a friendly smile could make all the difference!
  3. Pay someone a compliment: Don’t be afraid to compliment that certain somebody - you know the one! Everybody loves to be complimented once in a while, so make their day, what are you waiting for?
  4. Pay it forward: When in line at a restaurant or coffee shop, show your kindness by randomly paying for your own order AND the order of the next person in line. They won't see it coming and who knows, they may do the same for someone else in the future!
  5. Be kind to your colleagues: We spend the majority of our lives with our colleagues so it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do something nice for them. Why not do all the tea runs one day, or bring in some tasty treats to make that Monday a little easier!

Step Right Up and Double Ya Luck

There’s only one thing luckier than being lucky, and that’s being DOUBLE LUCKY! That is exactly how you will feel when you play the brand new 3-reel slot from Realtime Gaming (RTG), Double Ya Luck!

Find the dice symbols to trigger the onscreen board game feature with rewards including instant prizes, free games, 3-of-a-kind wins, or even the PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT!

With classic arcade symbols and nostalgic sounds, Double Ya Luck on Springbok Online Casino also brings a new twist to the much loved 'Gamble' FREE GAME FEATURE – giving you the chance to win free games and multiply your prizes by picking RED or BLACK!

So if you like the sound of an old favourite from South Africa’s Number One – but with double the luck - play DOUBLE YA LUCK NOW!