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Tutorial on Basic Blackjack Strategy part 2

In our previous article on using the basic blackjack strategy card, we covered the first section of the card beginning with a point count of 8 through a beginning point count of 17.  Now we can continue with the second section.  By the time we complete our tutorial of the basic strategy in blackjack, you’ll understand why it will help you get as close as you can to a 100% return to player rate whilst playing at an online casino.

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Use the Basic Blackjack Strategy Card for the Best Results

Blackjack is the classic online casino game of thought.  Some would say that poker is but poker began as a saloon game and only reached land-based casinos when casino patrons asked for it.  Before that, blackjack was the quintessential casino game of skill.  Now, blackjack is also a game of luck.  So, part of the skill in blackjack is in making your own luck.

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Why is it Important to Learn the Basic Strategy Chart in Blackjack?

The simple answer to this question is that by memorizing the basic strategy chart, you increase your chances of ending any session in the winning column.  The basic strategy in blackjack reduces the house’s advantage to about one half of one percent.

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Should I Bet on the Player or the Dealer in Baccarat?

Let’s explore beyond the big three table games: blackjack, craps, and roulette!  In this article, we’ll learn how to play baccarat.  This great card game became popular because it was the favourite casino game of James Bond.  Even though James Bond is a fictional character, the pleasures of playing baccarat are anything but fictional!

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