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Why are Some Blackjack Hands So Confusing?

There are two basic elements to simple blackjack strategy.  The first is hard to do so we encourage all blackjack players to do this to the best of your ability.  This basic element is, of course, counting cards.  Even if you can’t keep up with the count all the time, counting will give you a lot better chance to even the odds with the house.

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How Do Blackjack Experts Relate to the Game?

In this tips article, we’ll talk about various ways blackjack experts view the game.  Blackjack is a game that requires close attention to detail and constant decisions.  So, it should help you improve your game if you learn the perspectives experts bring to it.   One of the things that make Springbok the leading online casino for South Africa is that we do as much as we can to make gaming fun.  One way to make playing blackjack fun is to learn as much about it as possible.

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How Does the Plus and Minus Card Counting Method Work?

The easiest card counting method to learn is called the Plus-and-Minus card counting method.  It’s easy to learn once you learn the reason for it.  This method counts the relative number of 10 value cards in the decks as against the relative number of cards less than seven points.

The purpose is to keep track of 10 point cards because you as the player always play first.  You have to decide whether to hit or to stand but when it’s the dealer’s turn to play s/he has to follow the rules of the game.

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Ready to Take on the Challenge of Caribbean Hold’em?

In our long experience running an online casino, we find that there are basically two types of online gamers: those that like to play the games of chance like slots or roulette, and those that like to play the games of skill like blackjack or poker.

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