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How to Win Long Term at Blackjack - Concentrate

Every casino game lends itself to short-term success.  You can truly get rich quick playing a progressive slots game.  You can also win big at roulette and craps.  In all three of these games, you also have to be luckier just to win at all than you need to be to win at the more analytical games: blackjack, poker, and video poker.  This is not a drawback of the luck centred games; getting lucky is one of the reasons we find online casino gaming so much fun.

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How to Play Red Dog, a Great Parlour Game

Springbok has built a great reputation as the top online casino for South Africa.  One reason is that we play in Rand.  Another reason is that we regularly publish articles that give you tips on how to play the games we offer.  Today we will talk about the great game of Red Dog.

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Is an 18 Point Hand Good in Blackjack?

The big advantage in blackjack for players is that the dealer has to hit with 16 points.  The dealer busts quite often when hitting with 12-16 points.  On the part of the players, card counting gives you another small edge in determining if the next card is more likely to be a small card or a ten-point card.  Online casino blackjack at Springbok, your prime online casino for South Africa, is a great place to play and practice blackjack for fun and profit.

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What Should I Think about Before Playing Blackjack?

In this blackjack tips article, we’re going to give you some pointers that you can use here at Springbok, your top online casino for South Africa and also for when you go to a land based casino to play.  You see, as much as we feel that there are many more advantages to playing online here at Springbok Casino, we also know that even our most loyal gamers go from time to time to play in a land based casino.

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