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Zombies and Zombification: Fact or Fiction?

The ‘undead’ may be part of pop culture and feature in Kiwi online casino slots… but are they real?  Not quite and not as portrayed in movies like ‘Rabid’ or ‘Cemetery Man’.  What we can say for sure is elements of zombification do exist… in frogs, slugs and us humans too!

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5 Amazing Innovations in Construction and Engineering in 2021

Smart windows, plastic bricks and virus-busting ceiling fans!  That is a sample of the cutting-edge innovations emerging in 2021.  Factor in cross-channel online casino games built on the HTML5 platform and we are as smart as smart can be!

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Top Tech Trends Shaping Video Gaming Awesomeness

How do you inject more awesomeness into games – video and casino games?  You give the players more freedom.  If that means cutting the constraints of physical controls, so be it.  If it means liquid immersion, done... and if it means blending the real world with gaming elements – we’re so on top of that!

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Why the Casino Games Supplier is Key to the Online Casino UX

What is the most important factor to consider when choosing an online casino?  Proper licensing?  An active regulatory authority?  A wide choice of casino games?  Attentive support services?  It is yes, fourfold – and the third-party software supplier is responsible for all of that… and more.

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Are Crypto Collectibles Hot… or Not?

Following hot on the heels of cryptocurrencies are crypto collectibles – virtual ‘treasures’ rendered collectible due to manufactured rarity.  Think Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet, a LeBron James slam dunk or one of ten thousand poorly portrayed avatars known as CryptoPunks… and you have got the idea.

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