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Quantum Computing: The Great Leap to Super Intelligence

What has got Herculean processing power, the speed of Hermes and intelligence that far surpasses that of the Fagaku supercomputer?  Here is a clue.  It uses qubits to solve intractable problems.  If you are curious about quantum computing, read on.

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Beyond Impossible: Cleaning Up Space Debris with ELSA-d

You all know casino games can deliver sweeping cash wins... but did you know there is a 175 kg magnetic ‘vacuum’ cleaner sweeping up space debris, as we speak?  This crafty little device is capable of identifying and porting with obsolete space paraphernalia and bringing it back down to earth.

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How 3 Ingenious Eco-Friendly Devices are Protecting Our Planet

Fires, floods, plague and pestilence.  That is 2021 in a nutshell.  If Armageddon really is approaching, it is time to leap into action and save the world… and that is exactly what the superheroes of science, robotics and engineering are doing!

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Zombies and Zombification: Fact or Fiction?

The ‘undead’ may be part of pop culture and feature in Kiwi online casino slots… but are they real?  Not quite and not as portrayed in movies like ‘Rabid’ or ‘Cemetery Man’.  What we can say for sure is elements of zombification do exist… in frogs, slugs and us humans too!

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5 Amazing Innovations in Construction and Engineering in 2021

Smart windows, plastic bricks and virus-busting ceiling fans!  That is a sample of the cutting-edge innovations emerging in 2021.  Factor in cross-channel online casino games built on the HTML5 platform and we are as smart as smart can be!

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