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Chrome: Adobe Flash Player is Blocked – Easy Fix to Play Online Casino Games

Technology is meant to make our lives easier, yet every so often you come across an error or glitch that you just don’t have the time or patience to try and figure out.  The alternative would be to call in a techy, which will probably cost you a small fortune, when the ‘fix’ is so simple in the end.

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South Africa’s Safe Affiliate Programs Launch for Bonus Slots

A new association of affiliate programs has been established in South Africa with the goal of sharing information and providing an atmosphere of mutual support for casino games operators. The group of 8 affiliates is spearheaded by our very own Springbok Casino which is committed to pushing forward a united platform for South African affiliate programs.

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Top South African Startups – and One Features the Best Online Casino Games!

South Africa may be a non-entity when it comes to the global economy – but in terms of innovation, we have always punched above our weight.  Besides the usual mining, manufacturing and tourism industries, we’ve got a vibrant technology sector that is clearly world-class – and we continue to deliver the best into 2020!

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10 of the Best Phones of 2019 for the Mobile Casino South Africa

Mobile gaming now generates more than 50% of total video game and online casino revenue. 62% of smartphone owners download a casino or a specific game within one week of buying a new phone and smartphone users spend 43% of their mobile app time playing mobile games.

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Can Small Bets Win Big on Casino Games?

Casino games are synonymous with big bets and ‘wow’ wins.  Who hasn’t heard stories of high stakes cash games where poker is played at $25,000 a hand?  How about the baccarat whales who wager hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time?

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