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How to Lower the Edge in Blackjack

By now you are probably aware that Blackjack has the lowest edge at an online casino South Arica.  That’s awesome – but did you know that there are ways and means of lowering the edge even further?  Here is what you need to know about winning more frequently when you play Blackjack at Springbok Online Casino!

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Best Blackjack Players Online: Women vs Men

Who are the best blackjack players at an online casino South Africa?  Men or women?  If the answer is based on the inductees to the Blackjack Hall of Fame, it is the guys who dominate.  When it comes to gambling on the internet, things start looking up for the fairer gender… and here’s why!

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Counting Cards in Blackjack: Is It an Effective Strategy at the Online Casino?

Ever since the guys in the MIT Blackjack Team won close to $60 million at the casino, counting cards has taken on a certain mystique.  Players everywhere were taking running tallies of the cards… but is it a tactic that can be applied to the online casino games at Springbok Casino

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Why Classic Blackjack Takes the Top Spot in Online Gambling

The online gambling platform has resulted in an explosion of blackjack variants, one more exciting than the other.  There are games with bonuses for diverse card combinations and variants that feature side bets capable of unlocking payouts at fantastic odds.  Despite all this, classic blackjack remains one of the best bets at Springbok Casino… and here’s why:

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