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Find Blackjack for All Blacks at the Best Kiwi Online Casino

What is the greatest rivalry in world rugby?  The All Blacks vs the Springboks.  At Springbok Casino we can’t throw dummies or beat you to the break down but we can reveal the best blackjack for All Blacks.  As a supporter of our Kiwi online casino, why not emulate the high-risk running rugby of the 3x world champs!

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Online Casino Games Tips: When to Surrender in Blackjack

In the wider world, surrender has all sorts of negative connotations – cowardice, weakness and failure.  In the context of online casino games, it is a different proposition altogether!  When the surrender option is used strategically in blackjack, it can actually lower the house edge in your favour.  Anybody who knows anything about online casino games is only too aware of the consequences of achieving exactly that! 

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Betting Systems to Inject Fun into Playing Baccarat Online

When you play baccarat at the online casino South Africa, luck is the ultimate leveller.  What that of course means is there is no silver bullet capable of lowering the house edge.  Having said that, there are ways and means of injecting plenty of adrenalin-inducing fun into what is statistically a game of chance.  If you want to bust the myth that the banker bet always wins, check out these baccarat betting systems…

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How to Play the Hard 16 in Blackjack and Minimise Losses?

In Blackjack a hard 16 is not for the faint hearted.  It is the kind of hand that is neither here nor there.  As a points total, it is not high enough to prompt players to stand.  Yet it is not low enough to automatically elicit a hit.  Hard 16 lives in a grey zone perilously close to the bust barrier… so what is the best way to play the hand at the online casino South Africa?  With care, cunning and luck!

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